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Kubotan Keychain Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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Aircraft Grade Aluminum Kubotan Keychain for sale. Simply, grip your kubotan keychain self defense tool and get to protecting yourself. A great public safety tool, the kubotan has been around for generations. Starting in Japan and originated by the man who trained their police, this is a non-lethal defense tool that looks harmless but packs a hard hit. Get yours now!

  • 5.5 inch overall length
  • Bright color with mirror shine finish
  • Slightly elevated and thick tip/point
  • Ridges for a more secure grip
  • Solid steel key ring

We at Security Defense Weapons feel that the Kubotan is still an excellent and viable tool for self defense. And we have several blog post that investigate the many different techniques that exist for the Kubotan and other similar keychain self defense weapons.

The Kubotan was created by Takayuki Kubotan in the 1960s. His design has become somewhat of a general trademark for this type of self defense keychain weapon. They are often incorrectly spelled as:

  • Kubaton
  • Kobutan

Kubotan defense tools are generally about 5 and a half inches long (14 centimeters) and around .5 inches in diameter (1.25 centimeters). They were designed to be slightly thicker than a marker. Many of the Kubotan techniques can also be applied to a marker or pen.

There are many different types of substrates used in the creation of a Kubotan key chain self defense weapon and it often has grooves that line the shaft. Kubotan differ from yawara sticks in that they have a key chain ring attached to the end.

When applying self defense techniques with a Kubotan, the different types of material will often yield similar results. Here are some of the material used in the creation of a Kubotan.

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

To the untrained eye, a Kubotan will often appears to be an innocuous key-chain ornament. Although, in some States jurisdiction and most Federal buildings (including airlines) they are recognized as weapons and are not permitted.

Which is why there have been many Kubotan alternatives that have entered the marketplace in recent years. Kubotan techniques can be applied using these alternative keychain self defense tools. Here are a few examples of these alternatives:

As we see above there are different versions of the Kubotan in the general marketplace. This can actually be taken a step further and improvise any type of hard rod like material to use as a Kubotan alternative. The only restrictions or regulation that would apply then is how you deployed the device (aggressively or defensively).

The reality that any rod-shaped device could be used in a Kubotan-like technique creates an opportunity for everyday items to be used in place of a Kubotan defense tool. These everyday items could include:

  • Hair brushes
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Flashlights
  • Small wooden dowels
  • Even Electronic Cigarettes

A bit about Kubotan Keychains for self defense

Kubotan techniques are best deployed in a natural and instinctive way. So, being familiar with your Kubotan self defense tool is a must! We here at are continuing to add videos from around the world to help you practice, train and become more natural with your Kubotan keychain.

It is recommended that you take a course on intermediate and advanced techniques for the Kubotan. This will allow you to take full advantage of the Kubotan by learning seizing methods, wrist locks and takedowns’.

Always explode with a primal scream or by yelling “No!”, since this will add to the overall power of your defense and can alert others that you are in danger. This is a good time to stun the attacker with multiple whipping key strikes to the face using a figure-eight motion. The keys can be used on any part of the body, to shock and disorient.

Think about the centerline of the assailant, the shins, knees, groin, stomach, solar plexus, neck, and under the nose. If you are presented with the attacker’s side, aim for the ankles, knees, ribs, under the armpit, behind the ears and temple.  The tops of the shoulders, back of neck, spine, small of back and calves are all excellent ways to cause pain to the assailant.

Always remember to use your other hand to block, strike and rake. The best place to start is with a claw-hand into the attacker’s eyes.

Often the person will start by grabbing you from the front with one or both hands. Striking downwards onto the top of the hand, forearm, biceps or top of shoulder will free you up to move out of range of the attacker. Try to continue with a sequence of strikes until no longer in danger and you have a clear opportunity to run.

When grabbed from behind, swing the Kubotan straight up and backward, striking the attacker in the face, or with a strike to the groin. In the case of a bear hug from behind, with your arms locked, place the end of the Kubotan on the top of the assailant’s hand and press down forcefully. This and a foot stomp to his arch should allow you to break free.

In grappling situations use the Kubotan to pinch an earlobe, with the skin between the Kubotan and your thumb. If the attacker grabs the Kubotan between his fingers, squeeze his fingers against the shaft. There is no end to the creative ways a simple device like the Kubotan can help protect you and your family. Practice, and remember that with a Kubotan in your hand, whatever you do will have more power to keep you safe.

Weight 0.17 lbs

Black, Blue, Red, Silver


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