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Selecting The Pepper Spray That’s Best For Your Needs

Pepper spray is among the most popular weapons of self defense available these days. They are inexpensive, simple to use, easy to carry, extremely effective, and the fact is they don’t require long term training of any sort.

Frequently referred to as Mace (which is actually one manufacturer brand that we carry) or tear gas, these sprays were developed initially to be used by law enforcers. Pepper spray – as the product is more commonly referred to nowadays, has become very popular for the public’s personal self-defense needs.

A large advantage of pepper spray versus other self-defense tools is the fact that they are entirely non-lethal, and causes no long-term physical effects whatsoever on potential attackers. Using firearms, for instance, requires that you employ deadly force in stressful situations, which may have psychological and legal ramifications for its users.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when you’re considering buying or using pepper spray.

Purpose: why is pepper spray so effective?

Like most non-lethal self-defense tools, defense spray is designed to help victims create a barrier, protecting them from attacker and buying them precious escape time.

Formulation: what’s pepper spray made out of?

The majority of modern pepper sprays feature OC (oleoresin capsicum) as their main component. It is a natural chemical substance derived from hot pepper plants.

how effective are self defense spray devices?

When it comes in content with a person’s face, it instantly dilates their eyes’ capillaries, which makes them temporary blindness.

If its inhaled, OC instantly causes inflammation in the lung tissue, which makes them cough uncontrollably.

Both conditions are very disabling, even to psychotic individuals or those under the effect of drugs.

The effects dissipate relatively quickly, causing no long-term side effects or permanent damage of any sort.

Delivery: how to spray someone

There are three types of spray patterns that different products offer: Fog, mist and stream. Mist and fog models have a range of approximately 4 to 8 feet, while stream ones can reach up to 15 to 20. The former are ideal for use on home self defense, while the latter is more effective for outdoor applications.

Capacity and Size: what pepper spray should I buy

A spray device’s size should correspond with their capacity, generally measured by how many ounces of spray material is contained inside. This information may be used to determine how many shots it will fire, or fow how many seconds.

They cans come in various models, in sizes that vary from the smallest which contain only half an oz, capable of providing approximately 20 half second bursts, to the largest ones, 1lb units similar to canisters. The smallest ones are very easy to carry on a purse, keychain, belt holster or pocket, while largest units are designed specifically for use in autos or home defense.

Summary: Making the right choice to increase your personal security.

Such devices are among the best tools for self-defense for individuals that are reluctant to utilize firearms, but want something that will increase their odds of survival or escape in serious confrontational events.

Regardless of your gender, age, employment, social status, daily routine, physical abilities, location or lifestyle, everyone is at risk of being targeted by a criminal. It’s smart to take steps which will help you confront risks you face in a given day. Pepper spray is a great self-defense choice which is both effective and affordable. It is your right as an American to defend yourself and we are here to help you secure that right.

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