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what are Inert Practice Pepper Spray Training Units?

Inert pepper spray training units are a great way to train with a self defense spray before actually using it. They work exactly like an active spray but are inert. That means they can be used in any situation, even upside down. They also have a five-year shelf life and are EID compatible. Whether you want to train with a real canister or practice with an inert one, you’ll find what you need at Security Defense Weapons.

Inert pepper spray training units mimic the same aiming and firing techniques that officers use while on patrol. The inert pepper spray formulas are made from water, propellant, and other ingredients. You can even purchase inert aerosols to refill them with a safe formula. Inert pepper spray manufacturers use the same technology as the actual thing to duplicate the same look and feel of the spray. The inert version is able to deliver a concentrated dose to the target.

Inert pepper spray training units are the best way to learn how to shoot a pepper spray canister. The inert formulas are similar to the real thing, allowing officers to practice the exact same shooting and aiming methods as they would in line of duty. They come in foam formulations and reusable aerosols. Many manufacturers make their own specialized training aids, such as inert aerosol grenade.

Inert training units are a good option for people who are unable to afford a full-strength pepper spray. They have the same impact power as active units and can be used for training. If you want to avoid a risky situation, this is the best solution. An inert unit is a good option. It is not flammable and can’t be accidentally discharged.

The stream OC Inert training unit deploys eight one-second bursts to hit a target. Unlike active pepper sprays, these training units are designed for effective self-defense training environments. If you want to be more confident with your pepper spray, use inert pepper spray training units.

Pepper spray training units come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Inert training units are small, and a flip-top safety feature helps prevent accidental discharges. The OC cans are made from inert pepper gas, which is a chemical that can cause serious injury. These inert pepper spray training units have an MK-4 cartridge. The MK-6 is a safe option for a self-defense weapon.

A flip-top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge. Whether it’s an inert or a live unit, the Flip-Top safety prevents accidental discharges and protects your body from electro-magnetic shock. These units have a spring-loaded flip-top safety mechanism, which prevents accidental discharges. They also have a bag-on-valve design for spraying orientation.