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Hidden in Plain Sight Safes

Why Diversion Safes, aka Hidden in Plain Sight Safes, Protect Your Valuables

A diversion safe is a clever way to keep your valuable items secure. It looks like an ordinary, everyday object, but it’s actually a safe where you can stash your valuables. Imagine a safe disguised as an electrical outlet, a book, or even a can of hairspray—pretty much anything you can think of! The main goal of these safes is to protect your belongings from thieves. Even if a thief knows about diversion safes, they would have to spend a lot of time rummaging through your house to find them.

Thieves don’t take the time to search through your entire house for valuables. They won’t sift through all your food supplies or bathroom cabinets. They just don’t have the time. Instead, they aim to get in and out as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught. The truth is, diversion safes are easy to hide (often right in plain sight) and are rarely found.

Burglars prefer a home they can enter and exit quickly. They don’t want to linger any longer than necessary to find what they’re looking for. They don’t have time to check every electrical outlet, sift through all the cupboards, or peek into every nook and cranny. Instead, they’ll target the most likely spots to find valuable items and then quickly leave, whether they’ve found something or not.

Where thieves will first check…Not in a Can Safe!

The most common hiding spots in a home are the refrigerator, closets, and around the bed. Thieves are well aware of this and usually search these places first. These spots are popular because that’s where many people hide their valuables. However, using a diversion safe, like a can that looks real but hides your items, can keep your valuables secure. Burglars tend to look in the most obvious places, so a cleverly disguised safe can really protect your treasures.

Master bedrooms are a burglar’s top target. They often have safes and are the most common places to hide jewelry and cash. To outsmart thieves, try using a diversion. Burglars will probably skip the obvious spots and instead search common hiding places like sock drawers, underwear drawers, and behind pictures.

Stop making poor choices when hiding your valuables. With the economy being tight, you don’t want to become an easy target for burglars. Be smart and make your home a place where they can’t find anything valuable. Use a diversion safe to keep your valuables hidden and secure.

What sort of diversion safe will work best?

There are many kinds of diversion safes that will work for your needs. They can be small or large and will be a safe place to hide your valuables. If you’re hiding smaller items like cash, coins, jewelry or the like a small food can or drink can is ideal. You can also use a wall clock if you have larger items. With so many types of diversion safes on the market today, you’re sure to find one that will meet your specific needs.

Expert Tip: You will want to consider things that may be picked up. If you hear a rattle when you pick up your safe you may need to fill the empty space with tissue or cloth to ensure that a would-be thief won’t realize that they are holding your safe.

Today, more than ever, it’s vital to keep your precious belongings safe and sound. Diversion Safes are an excellent way to do this and an inexpensive way to keep your belongings safe. It’s easy to overlook the obvious and hid a diversion safe in plain sight. Instead of relying on your sock drawer or behind that family portrait, why not go a step further and protect your precious family by getting a diversion can safe to protect their future? It only takes a moment for a thief to break into your home, it only takes a moment to buy a diversion safe and protect your valuables.

How do you hide a safe in plain sight?

It’s easy to place a safe in a hidden location in your home. In the attic, for example, you can place the safe in a bucket of cat litter, and then hide it inside the cleanout plug. The safe can be locked behind a bolted door, so only you and the owners will know about it. If you don’t have a basement or attic, you can also use tennis balls as secret compartments. If you’re really worried about being seen, however, you can throw them out into the garage. This way, only you know the contents of the container, and no one else will know about it.

Another great way to hide a safe is to disguise it. You can place it on the floor, or secure it on a wall, or even place it in a garage or basement. It’s easy to conceal, and you can use anything that doesn’t look out of place in your home. If you’re not sure where to hide the safe, you can also try to disguise it as a landscape or rock object.

Another popular way to conceal a safe in plain sight is to use an air vent safe. This is a type of diversion, and it can hide larger items. You can install it between two studs. It’s also easy to hide. Some models include a secret compartment below the main one, so you won’t be able to tell that it’s there. Depending on the size of your home, this may be the best option for hiding a valuable.

Another good way to hide a safe is to make it blend in with the surroundings. Unless someone digs around for it, they won’t dig any further. If the safe is camouflaged, it’ll be hard to find and isn’t easily visible. Alternatively, you can also install a wall safe, but this will require you to have the necessary skills.

You can also hide a safe in your home.

In the case of a floor safe, the door can be installed into the wall, or the lid can be concealed by a wooden box. Adding a hidden lock can make it difficult for thieves to find your treasure. This is also the best solution if you want to hide a large safe in plain sight. So, if you are not an expert handyman, you can build a built-in cabinet.

A safe that’s concealed can be disguised. Some of them are concealed in everyday objects such as TVs and bookshelves. You can also place them in a hidden spot if you’re a DIY-er. Then, the thief will be more likely to be unable to open the box. So, you must make sure the safe is not visible to anyone who can see it.

If you’re looking for an extra-safe in plain sight, there are several ways to hide it. You can install it in a wall that isn’t visible to the general public. In the kitchen, you can install it in the wall between a stove and the main wall. Aside from placing the safe in the kitchen, you can place the safe in any other room of the house.

The safe you purchase should be made of a thick material that can hide its contents. It is a good idea to choose a safe that is made of heavy material. The best material to conceal a safe in plain sight is steel, which is harder to break into than wood. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you can hire a professional to install the safe for you.

Aside from attics, there are attics where criminals will avoid a safe. These are usually easy to access, and they’re a great hiding place for a safe. You’ll want to hide a safe in a place that’s not visible to the general public, but not to someone who’s in the room. In some cases, attics are actually the best places to hide a safe, as they’re more protected than other spaces.

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