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Survival Gear

Discover the Best Survival Gear to Buy on a Limited Budget?

Finding cheap survival gear for sale, while trying to prepare your bug out bag and having a limit budget can be very exhausting. We have put together a selection of survival tools that will not only offer you the protection you desire, but also save you money in process. We all recognize that we need at least a minimal amount of survival items, now you have a place to get them and save money in the process.

Why Carry Survival Supplies with you?

It is important to plan for emergencies by having survival gear for your home, your car and to take with you on the go. You can buy fully complete survival kits or make up your own. You should have a survival kit available at home and one in your car at all times. If you live in an earthquake area, you know they happen without warning, and you could be traveling at the time.

What is essentinal Survival Gear that is also inexpensive?

Even a few basic things like water purifiers, a solar blanket, and energy bars in your car is a good plan to be prepared. A survival kit should always be taken when you are going on road trips, particularly away from a city or in sparsely populated areas, as well as camping and other outdoor activities.

It is a wise decision to be prepared in case of possible emergencies. Whether it be planning in case of a natural disaster, going on a camping trip or other outdoor activities, having survival gear is essential. You may have to manage on your own for many hours or even days before help arrives.

Having survival gear will eliminate the need of trying to find things at the last minute. In times of natural disasters and warnings, such as a blizzard or a on coming, the shelves of your local stores will often empty rapidly. If you are traveling by car, or planning on being outdoors, having survival gear can get your through critical times.

What Inexpensive Survival Gear do you really need?

The first thing you should prepare for are food and water. It may be unsafe to drink water from the tap, yet a water purification system destroys viruses and bacteria, allowing the contaminated water to be clear and safe to drink. Bottled water should also be on hand, in case you don’t have running water. At least one gallon per day for each person will be necessary. Such things a protein food bars, dried fruit and nuts are easy to pack and take with you on outdoor trips or if you are planning a long commute.

How much survival food you store will depend on personal circumstances and preferences. However, you should plan to store at least a week’s supply at a minimum. Having enough food to last at least a month would give you peace of mind in case it should be necessary. Having such things as powdered milk, pastas and non perishable food items can be safely stored for quite some time. For long-term food storage, freeze-dried foods can have a shelf life of twenty or more years. These include such things as stews, pastas, vegetables and much more. Meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Since you could be without electricity for days in case of natural disaster, a flashlight and batteries are essential. A generator can provide backup power. Portable ones are available as well as larger standby units that will give you power to your entire home. Your survival gear should contain a first aid kit. You can make your own but a basic kit that will have all the essentials is inexpensive to buy.

A battery or solar-powered radio can keep you up to date on local weather conditions and news. Some radios have other uses including charging your cell phone or an SOS emergency light so they can be even more versatile.

While we have all our survival gear on a budget listed above, I went ahead and took the time to list our best value survival and emergency gear available in the following price ranges: under $5, between $5 and $10, from $10 to $15, under $20 and above $15, the below $20 price points, the mid-range under $50 and the essential gear under $100. There are quite a few offered in each of price ranges, with more being added.

List of Dirt Cheap Survival Gear for under $5

1. The Pocket Poncho is a full-size, 100% waterproof poncho that is compact enough to take anywhere your adventure takes you. – $3.95
2. The convenient Multi-Function Survival Business Card, 1 thing you shouldn’t leave home without. — $4.95
3. Credit Card Knife has the edge on subtle personal safety! A must for anyone, makes a great gift also. Only $4.95
4. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough Wire Survival Saw then is stainless steel model is for you! $4.95
5. Light-Me Tinder pieces are perfect for starting fires in the outdoors. Get yours for under $5
6. Our compact travel knife is small and comes with a sheath. $4.95
7. At $4.95, this Paracord Bracelet with built-in compass, flint bar, and emergency whistle is a great additions to your bug out bag.

Cheap and Essential Survival gear for under $10

1. The Para Tinder Zipper Pull It combines life-saving fire tinder and 550 paracord for the ultimate gear duo. For $5.95, this make a great addition to any bag.
2. ParaTinder is an amazing innovation in emergency preparedness. This is exactly like the zipper only in a 30 foot roll for $6.95
3. At $7.95, the Paracord Grenade Survival Kit is a must have!
4. The ParaTinder Bracelet with flint fire starter is an amazing item for under $9.00
5. This Survival pocket card tool is very affordable at $5.95 and can be used for outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, and everyday use.
6. At only $9.95, the Pocket Lantern is the ultimate pocket-sized multi-tool. 
7. For under $10, the Heritage Knife 1.0 preserves the spirit of outdoor adventure with a modern reliability. Essential for any survivalist on a budget.

Cheap Survival Emergency Gear for under $15

1. The Tactical Pen, a must for every survival and self defense situation. This model comes in both silver and black and the $10.95 price makes it a most have! 
2. If you find yourself in an emergency or survival situation the Folding Saw is a must have. This one is compact and conveniently fits in your pack or pocket. – $11.95
3. The flint striker can be used to start a fire in an emergency situation. Get your today for under $15

Affordable Emergency Survival Gear for under $20

1. At $15.95, the SaberCut Chainsaw is an essential part of you gear. It is a heavy-duty cutting tool that is great for camping or emergency situations.
2. For under $20 you can get this black Tactical pen with Glass Breaker Tip. 
3. You can easily blow a $20 dollar bill these days and not get your money’s worth. That’s not the case with the Heritage Survival Kit includes the necessities to help survive an emergency stored inside a lightweight, compact tin.
4. Looking for a survival knife for under $20 that will work, then the ParaKnife FS 4.0 is the one for you. It has a thick stainless steel blade with black-oxide finish and full tang.
5. Paracord is an essential emergency survival tool and the paracord bag makes it easy to have it at all times. It can be used to keep your drinks cool, too! — $19.95

Economical Outdoor Survival Gear for under $50

1. For under $30, the ParaCuda FS is an 11″ straight blade with a rust-resistant black-oxide finish and saw teeth that easily clears brush.
2. Combine two must have’s into one item with the Best Tactical Pen with Bonus Built-in Flashlight, All for only $29.95
3. Keeping your electronics charge in an Emergency situation is a must. The PowerPack portable charger will give you piece of mind when you are on the go and need to charge your phone, tablet, or any USB charged device. Under $40!
4. Our Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter provides you with the one thing that is needed first in a survival event, clean water! Get yours for on sale for $48.95
Discounted and Bargain priced Survival Gear under $100
1. The portable solar oven bag can bring the comforts of home to any outdoor survival situation. At less than $70 this model is constructed for extreme portability and is foldable. It will collapse down to an easy to carry bag with a place to keep cookware.
2. The SolarPack is ultra-compact yet a powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your portable devices directly from its USB and 12-volt DC charging ports. — $74.95
3. For just under $100 you can have clean water anywhere, with the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump. It can be used for outdoor adventures, fishing, emergency relief, camping, scouting, hiking, and military or whenever you may need safe drinking water.

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