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Dog Pepper Spray

Are Dog Attack Defense Weapons Important?

Time and time again I have posted about the importance of carrying a dog attack defense weapon for your personal safety and security. There are …

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Door Stop Alarm

How Can You Prevent Forced Entry?

With our current economic condition, it is easy to see that crime is on the rise. It is important that you take on the right …

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book safe

Keep Your Valuables Secure at College with a Hidden Dorm room safe

My daughter has been looking into going away to college and possible staying  in a dorm. She was asking me to get her a expensive …

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carry pepper spray

Carry Pepper Spray on College Campus? Yes or No?

So the the question posed is would students be more safe if they could carry pepper spray on the Campus of Western Michigan University? This …

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bicycle self defense

Self Defense While Riding a Bicycle

It’s starting to get warmer out here in the Mid-West and that means it is time to get the bicycle out again. This got me …

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carry pepper spray

How Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is Offering Protection After a Mugging

I am sometimes thought of as a bit over protective of my friends and family. I am always trying to convince them of the benefits …

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