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Learn About Stun Guns

Let’s begin our journey to learn about stun guns and what they are are. Stun-guns are Self-defense devices, and they cause an electrical disruption to those they are used on. When you use this type of Non-lethal weapon on someone, all at once, an electrical charge will loop through their body. This charge will jump from one probe to the other prone, traveling all throughout the assailant.

For more than 20 years, this type of Electroshock weapon has been available on the market. In fact, in the late 80’s, Nova Stun Guns were used by law enforcement. There were various companies that come and gone throughout the years.

Stun Gun vs Taser – What’s the Difference?

The effects are more devastating when the span of the contact points are spread further. This is why Personal Tasers tend to expand before actually hitting the intended target. They will also take the target down to the ground. This is because the current is moving throughout a large area of the body.

Generally speaking, it only takes seconds of contact for the above effects to happen, and when people have a taser used on them, then they want to get away due to the pain. However, a stun gun is different than a taser. A taser tends to not be as loud as a stun gun, which actually makes enough noise to scare most people, as well as animals.

Why Stun Guns Work, Voltage vs Amperage

The muscles work very rapidly when the current is in the body, and in order to protect against the pain, the body usually stiffens up. This also leads to blood sugar being depleted from the body and the sugar is converted to lactic acid. This eventually builds up and then the person who was struck by the device end up losing control of their body.

At first glance, a stun gun’s voltage may seem high, but when it comes to causing damage or death, it’s the amps that matter the most. We sell devices that are Non-lethal weapons, which means our products are designed to cause a little bit of pain in order for you to gain control, and they are not designed to kill someone. Our stun guns deliver around 3-4 milli-amps, while a lethal stun gun needs at least one amp of power, so we sell products that are below the amperage that could cause serious damage to someone.

Various power sources are used by stun guns. Some models use 9 volt batteries, while others use NI Can rechargeable batteries. There are smaller models that use only 3 volt lithium batteries that may have a shelf life of up to 10 years.

When it comes to resisting attack, stun guns are considered to be reasonable force. They can be used on many occasions that call for warding off attackers. They can last for a longtime before they need to be recharged, and there is no shock-back, which is a bonus.

When you use a stun gun on someone, then you will not hear any loud zapping discharge, and this is because the energy is being discharged into the assailant’s body. The continuous firing into the assailant won’t lead to the stun gun becoming damaged.

However, you don’t want to discharge it into the air for more than a second and the unit may become damaged if it is fired for longer times, this is something you want to keep in mind. Stun guns are restricted in some states and cities, read stun gun laws and restriction.

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