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About Security Defense Weapons - Discover Who We Are

Here at Security Defense Weapons (SDW) – We understand that you truly desire to find your way to personal security, NOW, rather than later, and you realize that our products can help you accomplish your goals of giving you and your family personal safety and peace of mind.

We Get It at Security Defense Weapons

It is our mission to provide you with high quality and hand tested self defense weapons, security tools and surveillance systems designed to keep you and yours safe. The family is priority number one and we here at Security Defense Weapons look out for one another. When you shop with us you too become part of that Ohana.

After many years of teaching, training and speaking to others like you, who are concerned with keeping themselves and those close to them safe, we get it!

  • You desire the tools needed to help you feel safe when out alone at night. People Say Security Defense Weapons is Different
  • You worry about your college-bound child’s safety.
  • You want your spouse to be safe going to their car after a long workday. 
  • You want to sleep better at night knowing your home is protected. 
  • You want ways to monitor your home or business when you are away.
  • You want to know that the company you choose are there to assist you. 
  • You turn to us because we offer a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. 
  • You want the variety to choose the self defense options that best fit your needs. 
  • You desire high-grade items without overpaying.
  • You turn to us when you want to speak with dedicated and knowledgeable experts, on your terms, be it via phone, email or social media. 
  • You want advice on the best solutions for your needs. 
  • You turn to us for help understanding these solutions and to assist you in choosing the best products for your personal safety and security.

It’s an honor that you have stopped by for a visit and we look forward to the opportunity of providing you the self defense products and personal security information needed to protect you and your family. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-859-5566 or fill out and submit your request on our contact us page, we are here for you!

Learn More about Security Defense Weapons

Everything we do is for you and we are often asked by our customer how Security Defense Weapons got started, who are we? So we have added the following section to help you learn more about us. As mentioned previously, the family unit is priority number one for us and we are a close-knit family, who look out for one another. Everyone at Security Defense Weapons helps to perpetuate our goal of helping as many people as possible avoid becoming a victim.

It’s an honor that you have stopped by for a visit and we look forward to the opportunity of providing the self-defense products and personal security information needed to protect you and your family. The family is priority number one and at SDW we are a close-knit family, whom look out for one another and we all help to perpetuate our goal of helping as many people as possible avoid becoming a victim.

Life’s journey takes us all to many places and along the way, we may have to deal with bullies or personal attacks. As a result, it becomes necessary for each of us to learn “how to protect yourself”. The more we work with and promote these personal self defense and security tools, the more we have discovered their technical nature, realizing that has given Security Defense Weapons a singular focus that we had been searching for. Thus, both the success and problems experienced have lead to the creation of

These passions have now grown into a great collection of dedicated and knowledgeable experts ready to assist you. Be it via email, through social media, over the phone or through our blog. Each member has the same passion I started this journey with, all those years ago. It is extremely important to us that you find what you are looking for in order to increase personal safety and security in your life. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

It’s surprising the amount of time that has past since the first self defense training lesson was received. There was a time when I dismissed these types of tools in lieu of hand to hand type training but came to an understanding of how important they can be to the everyday person and experienced practitioner alike.

Not only are we content in this more open-minded approach to self defense, We are also proud of the opportunity, the “mechanism” that has been created for you, allowing so many individuals to acquire the personal safety and personal security they desire… that, in many cases, has eluded them for years.

We truly desire that YOU to find your way to personal security, NOW, not later, and we have the self defense products that can help you accomplish this and give you and your family peace of mind!

Below is a video of some of the people, like you, checking out some of our self-defense options!

P.S. Ohana is a Hawainan term meaning “family” (in and extended sense of the term, be it blood-related, adoptive or intentional)