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Hot Shot Stun Gun


Black Hot Shot Stun Gun with Flashlight and Battery Meter

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Hot Shot Stun Gun – Security in the Palm of your Hand

No one will even notice, because the Hot Shot stun gun is only 4 inches long, looks almost like a power bank or another handheld device. With a dazzling 90 million volts, it has the effect of a baseball bat, combined with the element of surprise. A short blast from this almost invisible personal and powerful protection device will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will leave them drooling.

Self Contained Personal Defense Weapon

This uniquely designed stun gun is equipped with an LED flashlight, battery meter, safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to unleash pain on your attacker. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged using the included USB cable.

Improved Technology Doubling the Hot Shot’s Power

The Hot Shot uses a new cutting-edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection. You can carry the Hot Shot in your hand or pocket. It also has a rubberized coating for a better grip. If you would like to wear it like a cell phone there is a heavy-duty nylon belt loop holster included.

Hot Shot Stun Gun’s Features and Specification:

• 4.8 milliamps
• 90,000,000 volts
• Rechargeable
• Nylon Belt Loop Holster
• Rubberized Coating
• Battery Indicator
• Measures 4″ x 1.75″ x 1″
• Built-in 100 Lumen LED Flashlight

Frequently Asked Questions

How High is the Voltage of the Hot Shot Stun Gun?

It has 90 million volts of stopping power.

What is the amperage of this stun gun?

The hot shot operates at 4.8 milliamps this can be affected by the freshness of the Batteries.

Is the there a way to monitor the battery level?

Yes, the Hot Shot has a built-in Battery Indicator allowing you to monitor the batteries to ensure your stunning device is always ready to defend you.

Do you have to change the batteries in the Hot Shot Stun Gun?

No, this unit comes with a rechargeable battery and is charged using the included USB cable.

How bright is the flashlight?

The built-in LED flashlight is rated at 100 Lumen, which means it works great in urban and suburban setting to scan a small backyard and even blind and attacker.

How long is this Electric Shock Weapon?

It is 5 inches long.

Does it come with a holster?

Yes, it comes complete with Nylon Protective carrying case.

What is the warranty?

The Hot Shot Stun Device comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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