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Dummy Security Cameras

Will Dummy Security Cameras Help To Protect My Business Or Home?

How effective are dummy security cameras? Have you ever noticed how many types of video cameras you see in a retail store? There are times you may notice a video camera in every single corner and crevice of the store while others have none. The stores that don’t have any video cameras simply may not have the budget for a high-tech video surveillance system. In that case, they may be a likely candidate for a dummy video camera or a single professional video surveillance camera.

You may be asking yourself what is a dummy video camera?

This is simply a realistic surveillance camera that has absolutely no internal parts. All that is included is the outer shell of the camera, which makes it look like it is a functioning camera. Prior to being sold all of the recording elements of the camera have been scrapped in the camera has been refurbished as a dummy system.

There are two types of dummy camera systems that you need to be aware of, the dome and box cameras. Dome cameras are typically found in many retail shops and are located on the store’s ceiling in a black bubble. While box cameras are usually mounted from the ceiling and can be found in banks, warehouses, and other business areas where a high-quality camera system would be needed.

These systems can usually be found in two variations, one that includes a red light while the other one is motion operated. You may even find some of the dummy dome cameras with a flashing red light included. Box cameras, on the other hand, typically do have a flashing red light.

A unique feature of some of the dummy box cameras is that they include a motion sensor. These motion sensors will move in the direction of any movement. This is an excellent way to make people feel as though they are being monitored.

If you already have an existing video surveillance system, a dummy camera allows your system to look larger than it really is. If your current system only includes 4 to 8 cameras, you can add dummy cameras to cover all the necessary spots in your store or business. Consider that two to four dummy cameras will only run you about $100. That is a much lower expense than buying new cameras for your current system.

How effective are dummy security cameras?

Consider that most people will not commit a crime when a camera is in sight as they have no way of telling whether they are real or not. Dummy surveillance cameras are the perfect option for stores who do not have the funds available yet for a full high definition video surveillance system.

So the main question to ask is will a dummy camera stop a crime? If you happen to already have an actual video surveillance system, dummy cameras will help to keep peace at bay. It is best to try and invest in some real surveillance systems and in further beef it up with dummy cameras.

Shop Below and buy dummy security cameras for your home or business. Please let us know if you have any questions…

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