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Dummy Security Cameras

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Will Dummy Security Cameras Help To Protect My Business Or Home?

Dummy security cameras can seem pretty effective at first glance. Have you ever noticed the many different types of cameras in a retail store? Sometimes, you might see a camera in every corner and nook of the shop.

On the other hand, some stores don’t have any cameras at all. Those stores might not have enough money for a fancy video surveillance system. In such cases, they might go for a dummy video camera or maybe just one real surveillance camera.

Using a dummy camera can be a smart choice for stores on a tight budget. It might scare off some thieves who believe they’re under surveillance. However, this isn’t a perfect solution. Real cameras are better because they can actually record events.

You may be asking yourself what is a dummy video camera?

This product is a realistic-looking surveillance camera, but it doesn’t have any internal parts. It’s just the outer shell, designed to appear like it’s a working camera. Before we sell these, we remove all the recording components and refurbish the camera as a dummy system. This means it doesn’t actually record anything; it just looks like it does!

You should know about two main types of dummy camera systems: dome and box cameras. Retail stores often use dome cameras, which you can spot on the ceiling inside a black bubble. On the other hand, box cameras, known for their high quality, hang from the ceilings in banks, warehouses, and other business areas that need strong security.

These systems can usually be found in two variations, one that includes a red light while the other one is motion-operated. You may even find some of the dummy dome cameras with a flashing red light included. Box cameras, on the other hand, typically do have a flashing red light.

You can usually find these systems in two types. One type has a red light, and the other type uses motion detection. You might also see some fake dome cameras that flash a red light. Box cameras often have a flashing red light too.

Some dummy box cameras have a unique feature: a motion sensor that moves towards any detected movement. This is a great way to make people think they’re being watched.

If you already have a video surveillance system, adding a dummy camera can make it seem bigger than it is. If your current system has only 4 to 8 cameras, you can place dummy cameras to cover all the important areas in your store or business. Adding about two to four dummy cameras will cost you around $100. That’s way cheaper than buying new cameras for your existing system.

How effective are dummy security cameras?

Most people won’t commit a crime if they see a camera because they can’t tell if it’s real or fake. Dummy surveillance cameras are a great choice for stores that don’t have enough money yet for a complete high-definition video surveillance system. These fake cameras can help deter theft and keep the store safer without breaking the bank.

The big question is: ‘Can a dummy camera prevent a crime?’ If you already own a real video surveillance system, adding dummy cameras can help maintain peace. However, it’s wise to invest in a genuine surveillance system and then enhance it with some dummy cameras for extra security.

Shop Below and buy dummy security cameras for your home or business. Please let us know if you have any questions…