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Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Gun Walking Stick


Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $104.95.

Weight 2.95 lbs

What is a Stun Gun Walking Stick?

Stun guns are very convenient to carry and can save your life if you are being attacked. You simply need to remove the cap on the top of the handle and press the power button to activate the device. There are many different models available and all of them have different voltages. The Hike ‘n Strike are the best choice if you are afraid to be caught without one. It is a 950,000-volt stun gun that is concealed as a walking or hiking stick. These stunguns have a two-year warranty and can be purchased online or from a local store.

The Zap Stun Gun Walking Stick is the best option for self-defense canes. This product is made of a high-quality brass material and has a length of 56 inches. It can be collapsed to fit in a purse or pocket, and it has a 950,000-volt charge. In addition to its size and weight, it also has a built-in flashlight to help you see more clearly when you need to use it.

The Stun Gun Walking Stick is a useful self-defense tool that looks like a normal cane. It is fitted with a battery, which releases a mild electrical shock that can cause the attacker to fall unconscious. However, this should be used only in extreme cases. You should never use this device on an unsuspecting person. It is best to use it only when you are in a desperate situation. This way, you’ll be able to protect yourself while avoiding dangerous situations.

Is there such a thing as a 950000 volt stun gun?

The stun gun walking stick can be carried in your purse, pocket, or waistband. Often, these items have a belt clip so you can wear them around your waist. It is important to remember that the stun gun has to be held against the attacker’s body when you are out in public. The electrodes should be placed against the shoulder, upper hip, or other part of the body. If it’s a larger person, hold them against the body for a few seconds. You’ll have to be extra careful when holding this item against a larger person.

The Stun Gun Walking Stick is a very handy self-defense tool. It has various attachments for use as a weapon. You can use it as a weapon in self-defense when you are walking down the street or on a hiking trail. The Taser cane is lightweight and can support up to 300 pounds. It can be hung on a hook, and it has a cork grip handle that fits your hands comfortably.

Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Walking Stun Cane is a great self-defense walking stick. It is easy to use and has a 950,000 volt shock that hurts wild animals as well as humans. The Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Walking Cane is designed for individuals with weak or painful legs. It is a great tool to have on hand if you feel like you’re in an uneasy situation. A good stun gun walking stick can make you safer and keep you safe at the same time.

With the Hike ‘n Strike, not only will you see and be seen, but you’ll also feel good knowing you can hike worry-free with your new, all-inclusive hiking staff, the best all around stun gun walking stick.
  • Expandable hiking staff – a must-have for wilderness lovers everywhere
  • Great for camping, hiking, or everyday walking
  • 950,000 volt stun device incorporated into the handle for built-in security
  • 4.6 milliamps
  • Patented EXTREME Spike Electrodes for added safety
  • Includes 114 Lumen flashlight with removable cap for covering stun device when not in use
  • Rubber non-slip handle for secure grip
  • Removable reflective band for greater visibility
  • Weight: 18 oz. with batteries
  • Wrist strap
  • Extra end cap
  • Removable reflective band
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extends to 56″ overall  – 29″ closed length

Includes: Three (3) lithium CR123A batteries