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ZAP Stun Guns For Self Defense

It doesn’t require a discussion to realize that we should protect ourselves and our friends and family from criminals and invasions. And albeit reports indicate that crimes are on the rise [especially in regards to the actual recorded incidences], they are still there [and growing in sophistication]. The feeling of starring right into the eyes of a stranger who’s there to harm you is simply terrifying.

And because we all are paranoid about possible victimization, we certainly should have a defense plan in case it happens. It’s time to take a minute and think of a plan or self-defense weapon that is non-lethal and does not involve dealing with unending legalities on how and when it was used. That weapon is the ZAP stun gun.

More About The ZAP Stun Guns

In 2012 alone, the US reported 1.2 million violent crimes, in terms of robbery and murder, forcible rape and aggravated assault. This is an insight on how much you ought to be prepared to handle such attacks and avoid being counted among the victims. There are many weapons today that are inconspicuous, you can carry them anywhere and are never going to be lethal. ZAP stun guns are ideal self-defense devices that use high voltage to incapacitate an attacker.

A mere punch with the prongs of a ZAP stun gun quickly immobilizes the attacker, enabling you to regain your courage and flee the scene. Furthermore, because of the amperage is low, no real damage is caused. This means there is reduced extent of accountability associated with the use of these guns.

The only thing you need is to get close enough to the attacker and throw that stunning blow and watch how the tables turn in a matter of seconds. Most attackers will never see it coming given their thin build and how well your hand covers most of the housing.

The ZAP stun gun self defense weapon is designed to key into the nervous system. It releases its energy into the assailant’s muscles at a high heartbeat recurrence that influences the muscles to work quickly, yet not proficiently. In a few seconds, blood sugar is converted into lactic acids resulting in energy loss and immobilization.

In the meantime, the cycle also interrupts the neurological impulses that travel through the body and into the muscles. This results in disorientation and loss of balance which leave the assailant in a latent and confused condition for several minutes.

In spite of the fact that there is no noteworthy impact on the culprit’s heart and different organs, you have sufficient energy you have to escape and get help.

Most stun guns also act as double self-defense weapons- a flashlight to blind your attacker and give you a good shot at shocking them too. The strobe functions also help in annihilating against the attacker.

ZAP stun guns are unique and all their models have action grips coated by rubbers. You can choose whatever voltage you want to be it 350,000 volts or 1.2 million volts. They also have higher shocking rates than a normal 9mm handgun and are legalized in most states.

The Following Are Some Of The Ways In Which The ZAP Stun Guns Stand Out

• They come in a scope of sizes and colors giving you the freedom to find the perfect one.
• Using it causes an attacker to promptly quit, losing impermanent muscle control.
• The sound it produces when fired is enough to scare your attacker even before they try anything.
• Many are rechargeable so you don’t have to purchase batteries .
• They are some of the most affordable self-defense weapons in the market.
• They are fairly easy to acquire since you can buy them even without a felony background check.
• Shocking your attacker doesn’t shock you too even if you are holding them.

ZAP stun guns convey predominant quality and are a savvy decision for your self-preservation needs.

Why Buy Our ZAP Stun Guns?

Life is a gift, treasured and not wasted. Particularly if it is your life we are discussing. It belongs to you and it shouldn’t be taken from you by anyone. Just like you are responsible for the fate of your family and your kids. Here at Security Defense Weapons we stand behind every personal protection item we sell and offer you a no questions asked 90 Day Guarantee.

Nobody has to go through the scare of helpless and vulnerable. That is why we make it our mission to provide you with high caliber and hand-tested self-defense weapons that are non-lethal and easy to carry and handle. Purchasing our ZAP stun guns helps you realize your need to feel safe all the time without putting a dent in your pocket. We care about your safety, and so should you.