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Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case

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Attractive Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case – Black. It fits easily in a pocket or purse. 11 gram stream unit sprays up to 10 feet. Contains 5 one second bursts. Includes key ring.

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Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case

The Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case is the perfect accessory for carrying your personal safety pepper spray. It comes with an easy-to-grip design and a flip-top safety feature that prevents accidental misfiring. Its maximum heat of 10% pepper formula causes coughing, impaired vision, and intense burning sensations. Plus, it comes with a UV dye that glows in the dark. What’s more, this pepper spray is easy to conceal in your purse, pocket, or key chain.

The Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It contains 5 one-second bursts and a key ring for easy carry. The Hard Case Pepper Spray has an approximate shelf life of four years and is reusable. After that, it loses its effectiveness and range and must be disposed of as per local environmental regulations. When in doubt, always keep a backup Mace Pepper Spray in a safe place.

The Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case is TSA/FAA compliant and comes with a ten-foot spray range. The spray contains OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers. It contains a UV detection dye that supports identification in the event of an investigation. The spray is effective at creating an intense burning sensation that lasts for minutes. The burn causes a coughing and eye-slamming sensation.

The Mace Pepper Spray is an effective self-defense tool. It can render an attacker unconscious in under 15 minutes. When used correctly, pepper spray has the ability to incapacitate an assailant for several hours. A one-second spray will incapacitate an assailant, rendering them temporarily incapacitated. However, it is important to note that a pepper spray does not affect people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When purchasing a Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case, consider the following: the manufacturer’s warranty and location of purchase. Buying a Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case is a good idea if you are concerned about the legality of owning a self-defense spray. Some stores don’t offer this option, and you will have to confirm the safety and legality of your pepper spray before purchasing. This way, you can make sure that your self-defense spray will always be ready when you need it most.

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