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What are disguised knives?

Disguised knives are a popular way for people to defend themselves. They can be tucked into things like pens and combs. They’re not so much for snatching but for practical purposes, such as writing. They can also be used for self-defense in the home, since they’re usually hidden in plain sight. However, you should remember that they can still be harmful to you if you accidentally cut yourself.

The first kind of disguised knife is the pen knife, which looks like a normal pen with a cap that detaches and opens into a blade knife. It comes with a clip for your pocket. A second type of disguised knife is the comb knife, which is a little larger than other types of knife. It has a 3-1/2-inch stainless steel blade, and a small pocket for storing it. The comb knife also come in a plastic blade version for less detectablity.

A third type of disguised knife is a foldable credit card knife. It looks like a credit card but unfolds into a small knife. This type of concealed knife is more versatile than a traditional concealed knife, but it’s still a self-defense device. Many people use one of these to get around daily tasks, such as slicing vegetables.

Another type of hidden knife is a stored in a multi-tool card. The knife is meant to be stored in your bug out bag, car, or home.

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