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What You Need To Know About The Small Runt Stun Gun

When your property or your life is under attack, in most instances you are faced with no other choice than to defend yourself or fight back. Unfortunately for many people, especially women, physical strength is not enough, which is the reason why there are so many options available dedicated to self-defense weapons.

A popular choice today is known as the small runt stun gun. This is a type of device that is compact enough to store in your pocket or purse, yet still provides more than enough power which can assist you in either saving your life or preventing an attack. The Runt is one of the products manufactured by Stun Master, which is a brand that specializes in self-defense products which deliver electric shocks when applied or triggered.

The small Runt stun gun measures 4 ¼” X 1 5/8” X 1”. This compact device delivers an extremely high-power rating in this category of defensive gadgets at an impressive 80,000,000 volts. This high-output has been designed to optimize the use of the stun gun in emergency situations.

The stun guns are often confused with a Taser. Even though their basic uses may be similar, in the way that they are both designed to deliver electric shocks to a target. They are different when it comes to how they function and how you use them. The Taser features a wire along with barbs that work on penetrating the target before delivering electric shocks. On the Taser the wire is where the electricity travels through which is connected to the handheld trigger. This device can be used from 15 feet away from the target.

The stun guns work on delivering an electric shock with direct contact with the target, which is delivered from the front end or tip of the device. The stun guns are designed for the close-contact encounters and can be beneficial when your attacker is about arm’s length away from you. Another difference between the Taser and the small Runt stun gun is that careful aiming is not required, because it will produce a shock regardless of where on the body the gun comes into contact with.

The Benefits Of The Runt Stun Gun

There are 2 vital ways that a Runt stun gun can benefit you during dangerous situations. The first, is that the device can act like a tool which will usually produce intimidation on a psychological level on your potential attacker. The sight and especially the sound of these stun guns offers a warning to your attacker of the possibility that they can be hurt. In many cases this can discourage the attacker from advancing further.

The second important way that a stun gun can protect your life is when the person does decide to attack you, the Runt stun gun can be used to deliver a very high output shock from close range. This shock immediately causes pain and involuntary muscular contractions at the site that the tip touched.

This type of shock in most cases will result in disorientation, loss over muscle control temporarily, and in most instances confusion. These reaction types are usually sufficient to incapacitate the attacker for at least 5 minutes usually more. Keep in mind that these effects are going to wear off. For this reason, it is always advisable to quickly run away from your attacker and seek the necessary help.

The Runt stun guns feature thick and solid prongs which have been designed to withstand high electrical charges that fully emits sufficient power without any loss due to resistance. With the rechargeable models the retractable plug slides back after charging the device. The charge time for these devices is between 6 to 8 hours.

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