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Master Blaster

Master Blaster 4.9 Milliamp Stun Gun For Personal Protection

Stun guns are a non-lethal self-defense option that doesn’t require a permit. They’re an ideal tool for law enforcement officers, security guards, and individuals who need to be able to defend themselves against threats or attacks.

Stun guns are battery-powered devices that deliver a strong electrical shock. They usually have short electrodes that are designed to stick to the skin or clothing of attackers before they deliver the shock.

Master Blaster Stun Gun Battery life

The master blaster is a great stun gun to have on hand as it has a long battery life. It is also compact and easy to carry.

The battery lasts for up to 150 five-second shock cycles when charged. This is enough power to get a quick and effective stun that will stop an attacker before they can harm you.

It is recommended to charge your stun gun every few months for a few hours and this will help it keep its power for longer. However, it is always good to test fire your stun gun so you know that it still works.

The Master Blaster is a very powerful stun gun that delivers 4.9 milliamps of electricity. This makes it one of the most intimidating stun guns on the market.

Master Blaster Stun time

Stun guns are a great tool for personal protection. They’re small enough to carry with you and are inexpensive.

A stun gun works by applying electricity to a person’s muscles and nerves. This causes the person to lose balance, become disoriented and weaken their ability to fight back.

This process can also be used as a form of psychological intimidation on an attacker. It’s not uncommon for opportunists to seek out easy targets, so it’s important to have a weapon out and ready in case you need it.

Although there have been some reports of deaths following shocks from stun guns, these are rare and most likely caused by cardiac stimulation. There are no adequate human studies to establish safety margins for shock energy when the vector of discharge is across the heart.

Master Blaster Stun Gun Safety features

Master Blaster Stun guns deliver a jolt of electrical current when pressed, creating a scary sound that makes attackers think twice about approaching you. They’re easy to use, and most states permit them as a form of self-defense.

Some models are designed to look like flashlights so as to thwart attackers who want to take them from you. Others are shaped in a blocky fashion to appear more like a gun.

Most handheld stun guns also include a disable pin wrist strap that prevents the unit from being used against you, even if an assailant can disarm you. This is especially helpful if you have children in the house who might be curious about your stun gun.

Master Blaster Stun Gun Cost

A stun gun is a modern non-lethal weapon that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver a high voltage shock to an attacker. This elicits muscle twitches and temporarily disables an assailant, allowing you to subdue them with ease.

The master blaster stun gun is one of the most powerful self defense weapons on the market putting out a whooping 4.9 milliamps. It measures 6.5 inches long so it fits in larger hands and can be carried wherever you go.

This model also uses Triple Stun Technology, which allows the electric charge to emanate between three separate points on the metal probes. It also includes a bright LED flashlight for additional light when needed.

Other features include a metal disable pin that prevents an attacker from taking the device away and using it on you, and a safety switch to stop accidental discharge. It even has a heavy-duty belt clip to make it easy to carry on your wrist.

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