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Why Choose Stun Guns Disguised As Mobile Phones?

If you’re in the market for a stun gun you’ll appreciate that there are many different kinds that you can choose from. The kind you choose should be dependent upon how you’re going to be using it and how discreet you wish for your stun gun to be.

If you’re in the market for something more discreet you may wish to consider a cell phone style stun gun. This type of stun gun will appear to be a fully functioning cell phone, however, it’s not a cell phone at all, it’s a stun gun.

For the casual observer, the stun gun will appear to be a normal cell phone. It has keys and appears to have any normal cell phone functions. However, it’s a fully functioning stun gun and not a cell phone at all.

For women, this is an ideal way to discreetly carry a stun gun. You can hold it in your hand, wear it on a clip on your belt or put it in your pocket. If you need to use it, simply take it out and turn it on and use it against any would-be attacker.

For just over $25 you can have a fully functioning stun gun that looks like a cell phone. If you want a “fancier” style stun gun that appears as a cell phone you can opt for a higher priced model. They range from $25 to just under $200 so you’re sure to get the style that you prefer.

Most of these cell phone model stun guns are fully rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about them being dead when you need them. Simply use the AC adapter and plug them into any regular outlet. They will charge in anywhere from five to 12 hours depending on the model.

You’re sure to have the element of surprise on any would-be attacker if you choose one of these. The would-be attacker will simply think that you’re like most teenagers and walking around paying more attention to your cell phone than to them. Won’t they be in for a shock when you use it on them and zap them?

Many of these models also have other features that make them winners for women of all ages. There is a button or pin that can be pulled that will set off an alarm. No would-be attacker wants to draw undue attention to themselves so they’re naturally going to flee when they hear this.

It’s perfect for women of all ages as they aren’t going to be carrying a lethal weapon. The alarm alone is often enough to discourage any would-be attacker.

Another great feature is that there is a disable pin. This is a pin that is attached to the cell phone either via a wrist strap or a keychain style strap. You pull this and the pin comes out of the unit. This disables the unit so that if a would-be attacker got ahold of it, they can’t use it on you.

Just make sure to either toss the pin or put it in a safe place where the would-be attacker won’t find it. This is a wonderful added feature to cell phone stun guns.

Another excellent feature is the LED flashlight. The stun gun cell phone can actually work as a flashlight as well as a personal alarm and stun gun.

These multifunctional units are ideal to have as personal safety devices. Since they are non-lethal you won’t have to worry about killing someone, all you’re going to do is temporarily disable them from attacking you.

While they are disabled, you can take the opportunity to flee. Don’t stand around admiring your handiwork, get out of there and get help. Turn them in immediately.

You’ll have anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes to get away so get to safety and then get help.

When you first get your cell phone stun gun be sure that you charge it before you do anything else. Again, this can take anywhere from a few hours to 12 hours. After your unit is charged, familiarize yourself with how it works.

Hold the unit in your hand. Get the feel of it. Practice carrying it while you’re walking. Practice pulling the pin, carrying it on your wrist with the wrist strap and using the flashlight on it.

Once you’re familiar with your cell phone stun gun you’re ready to use it when you need to. You’ve become familiar with the button to push that will zap a would-be attacker. Remember, your stun gun will go through their clothing. Aim for the neck, abdomen, groin or any other area that you can get to them. Hold the stun gun against their body and press the button so that it will shock them.

It won’t take long and they will be down and you can make your escape. Run as far away from them as possible before you seek help from anyone else.

Most of the stun guns come with a lifetime warranty. This means if your unit breaks if you leave it at the scene of a would-be attack, you can get a stun gun back.

This is a must have self-defense product for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a gun. It’s non-lethal so you don’t have to worry about killing someone.

Stun guns are readily available and legal in most states. There are a few states and a few cities that stun guns are illegal in so always check with your local city about the legality of owning and using a stun gun in your town of residence.

Affordable self-defense products are on the rise and these cell phone stun guns are an ideal way to protect yourself if you’re having to go into an area that isn’t safe. If you’re working swing or graveyard shift or if you’re having to walk long distances in parking garages or parking areas you’ll be safe. Don’t leave your safety to chance, get a cell phone stun gun and stay safe.

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