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Home Burglary Prevention Tips

So, exactly what does a house prowler desire? Through experience we have learned that a thief mostly likes mostly things that belong to others and there are 2 main conditions that make it easy for a robber to get those things: An Open invitation A fast, easy, undetected entry and exit You don’t stuff a […]

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Burglar Breaking into a House - Get a DIY Home Security System

Going on Vacation? Don’t Leave Your Home Unprotected

8 Tips to protect your home while on vacation. 1) Don’t advertise to a potential house burglar that you are not home. Homes are most vulnerable when they are left empty for a long period of time. When your newspaper and mail begin to pile up, the windows are all dark or the windows are closed

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How to protect your store from robbery

When looking at how to best protect your store or business for a robbery you will find that physical security is ninety percent of it. If you keep your complex locked up and it is difficult, visible, noisy and time consuming for unauthorized entries to occur, then the chances of burglaries succeeding are minimized. Burglars

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