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Going on Vacation? Don’t Leave Your Home Unprotected

Burglar Breaking into a House - Get a DIY Home Security System

8 Tips to protect your home while on vacation.

1) Don’t advertise to a potential house burglar that you are not home. Homes are most vulnerable when they are left empty for a long period of time. When your newspaper and mail begin to pile up, the windows are all dark or the windows are closed in warmer weather your are sending an invite to prowlers.

Protect your house with DIY Security2) When you are not present at your home or apartment for a long period, having a house or apartment sitter can be the best protection for your domicile. Ask a trust worthy friend to stay at your home so they can take care of your plants and even your pets, if you have any. The side benefit is that it makes your place inhabited.

3) If you can’t find someone to stay at least have a friend or neighbor check on your living quarters during your absences. Have them go around and switch on lights, turn on TVs or flip on the radio. You can even have them open and then close the curtains while they are there. This gives your apartment the illusion that someone is home.

4) Don’t have anyone to apartment sit or to check your home during your vacation? Then consider keeping your lights, TV and radio on a timer. This is a excellent idea even if you do have someone to help. I often keep my TV on when I’m home [Side Note: I don’t watch it, I use it as background noise], If the glowing light in the windows or the sound was absence, I would be announcing no one is home.

Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor by HomeSafe Front View5) If you have an alarm system, then ensure that whoever is checking your house or apartment during your absence is familiar with how it works and who to contact should a problem arise.

6) If you opt out of the house sitter, make sure to stop your mail, newspapers and any other scheduled deliveries. A large stack of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox quickly alerts others that your are not home. Have a nearby friend or neighbor pick up any deliveries while you’re gone on vacation.

7) Ensure your patio garden or the plants on your balcony are being watered regularly or at the very least put the plants where they will not be seen. Slowly having your plants die because of a lack of water, will quickly announce your absence.

8) Read over your leasing agreement. Landlords will often require notification when your apartment is scheduled to be empty for a long period of time (this way should a emergency arise and you cannot be reached they they can enter without disturbing you). When you use a house sitter this becomes unnecessary.

Recommended Ways to Protect Your Home

While on Vacation using the following items:

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