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Choose The Best Personal Alarm for your Safety and Security



Any woman who travels alone, either for work or pleasure, should be thinking about the right personal alarm system that will come in handy should they end up having a sticky situation on their hands. There has been a steady increase in crime rates across the globe, which means that it is now more important than ever to understand all of the different kinds of personal alarms and all of their features.

The basis or purpose of a personal alarm is to try and disorient an attacker and scare them away, which will give you some time to get to safety. When you turn on a personal alarm, it will put out a very loud sound to alert everyone in the immediate area that there is someone who may be in trouble. This will be a sound that ends up being very different from some of the more commonly heard alerts.

As you research various kinds of alarms that are available, just be sure that the sound that you select is over 120 decibels. This is a level that will be loud enough to be heard over car horns, car alarms and regular traffic noises. A lot of personal alarms are small enough to fight right into the palm of your hand and will be generally small and easy to carry in a purse or on a keychain.

Even though the sounds that emit from a personal alarm will not be all that different from one another, the best sound that you will find is a shrieking noise over 120 decibels that is continuous. The sound level will be crucial, as you need to have it loud enough so that people passing by will hear it over any other noises in the area. There is a good chance that at least one person in the nearby region will call the police when they hear the noise. Not only that, but the chances are good that the attacker will not hang around after the noise has started blaring.

Front View Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion DetectorYou will see that there are a lot of different personal safety alarms that you can buy, including key ring alarms, gas alarms, and battery powered alarms. Prior to figuring out which one you want to invest in, you need to know how each one differs.

Gas Powered Personal Alarms

These alarms emit a shrilling, extremely loud noise. They are also easy to activate simply by pushing it up against an object that causes it to sound off. There are no buttons to push or cords that need to be pulled. However, because they are powered by gas, you want to keep them clear of extreme cold or heat.

Blue Key chain Personal Alarm Side Angle View of Built-in Safety LightBattery Powered Personal Alarms

These are smaller than a gas alarm and they are able to attach to a keychain or a belt. They have an alarm that pulsates instead of a shrilling, loud noise. Some of the battery alarms that are available have a torch light and strobes that go off with sound.

When you are able to add a personal alarm to whatever you already carry with you each day, you will be helping yourself a great deal should you be approached by an attacker. Remember that an alarm for personal use is not going to be an option that is a save-all. You are still going to have to take certain precautions to make sure that you are secure in a variety of situations.