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Increasing Your Personal Safety with Personal Stun Guns


The man in smoke following the woman in the dark street

With the economy down and crime on the rise many people are trying to find ways to incorporate personal self defense tactics into their lives. What may have once been a little thought of concept is rapidly becoming a household understanding.

What am I speaking of you ask? Personal protection, and it has become a very important concern inside the United States. It is paramount that you willingly engage in enhancing your personal security every day.

For many this has meant the use of personal stun guns to increase their own personal security and help them stay safe. A majority of Americans are familiar with these specific self defense devices, but may not be aware of the variety of personal stun guns available and there many advantages.

While it is true that most all stun guns deliver the same end results of incapacitating a target via electrical energy.

What may not be known is that the thousands to millions of volts running through the attackers body creates an amperage that will easily halt motor functions and cause the loss of control of an bad guys muscles.

These overwhelming effects will impede the actions of your attacker, thus giving you time to escape and seek assistance. Even though Stun guns are often considered non lethal weapons and their effects wear off gradually.

Do not be a victimThe responsible utilization and deployment of a stunning weapons needs to be carefully implemented. For example, children should never be permitted to handle or use one of these powerful items.

A small stun gun can be a very handy alternative to a large gun. It offers plenty of benefits. Since it is really small and easy to conceal from an assailant.

Furthermore its mobility would make sure that one can bring a slim stun gun around regularly. It would also be easier to handle for those with small hands like those of younger adults and girls. They make a great women’s self defense tool!

The Hot Shot stun gun, for example, does not skimp on power even with it’s compact size. Though it may be slimmer when compared with other stunning types it still provides a whopping twelve million volts of electrical power.

The legal ramification of a stun gun self defense tool must also be taken into consideration. Several states stun gun laws do not allow the operation or purchase of such a personal safety device.

In the end the proper usage of a personal stun gun is important not just for protecting against those whom would harm you, but also ensuring that one does not switch on unintentionally. Even though these are non lethal the effects could affect’ an innocent bystander.