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You Can Use Lipstick Pepper Spray in Pink to Stay Safe

When it comes to defending yourself, carrying around some pepper spray is a popular choice. However, making sure that it is properly disguised can be quite the challenge for some. One of the options that many women seem to really love is the choice of a pepper spray disguised as a lipstick.

Pink WildFire 1.4% MC Lipstick Pepper Spray View Cap Off

If you are one of the many women who enjoy wearing lipstick and looking good when you are out, this might be the perfect choice for you as well. You could even work to find ones that were in various colors so that you could coordinate your pepper spray with the lipstick that you are actually wearing each time you leave your home!

You see, if you have a pepper spray, you need to be able to access it easily in a way that the attacker will not know you are planning to do. In the event of a personal encounter with a person who will not take no for an answer, you can respond with something about your desire to look good and grab your lipstick. This will give you the precious excuse you need to grab your lipstick pepper spray and get them but good with it!

When it comes to defense against attackers and those who have an unpleasant aim, the best thing that any woman can do is to make sure that she has several ways to handle the situation. This should include lots of things like walking or going out with friends. There is strength in numbers, after all.

Additionally, you should take some self-defense classes or otherwise gain some techniques that will give you the opportunity to hold off an attacker should one advance on you.

Pink Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Sprays Front View

Having a complete plan of defense is the best way to ensure that you do not need to have the protection that the pepper spray will afford you. However, you can still end up in a situation where you are not safe. For instance, trusting someone who turns out to not be trustworthy.

Pink lipstick pepper spray will allow you to be prepared to defend yourself when someone comes into your personal space and will not leave. You can use the compact and powerful force of the delivery to let that person know that they have messed with the wrong person!

You do not have to relegate yourself to the role of victim all of the time. Instead, you deserve to take care of yourself. Utilizing a proactive stance, you can start to grow your self esteem and otherwise enhance the way you look and the way you feel about yourself.

In fact, attackers are less likely to go after victims that exude self-confidence. As such, just by carrying around the product with you, you are increasing your chance of being skipped over by the predators that might see you when you are out with friends or alone. You have the right to this type of safety!

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