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How to protect your store from robbery

LiL' Shop - Protect your BusinessWhen looking at how to best protect your store or business for a robbery you will find that physical security is ninety percent of it. If you keep your complex locked up and it is difficult, visible, noisy and time consuming for unauthorized entries to occur, then the chances of burglaries succeeding are minimized. Burglars will continue to search for easier targets and bypass your business.

Top Tips on How to Prevent Burglary at Your Business Premises

It Starts with Preventative Measures

Lock your valuablesEnsure there are LOCKS on all of your inside security doors and outside entrances should all be double cylinder deadbolts that have move-able collars. These deadbolts should have a minimum one inch throw that contains a hardened steel insert with a latch guard protecting it.

When using PADLOCKS they should be made out of hardened steel and be mounted on hasps that are bolted. To prevent exchange, they should be locked at all times. File off the serial numbers so that new keys cannot be made. Using a motion alarmed padlock can give you some extra security.

Make sure DOORS (all security or outside doors) have solid construction, be secured by heavy metal crossbars and be lined with metal. There should be solid jams around the doors Pin and all exposed hinges so that they cannot be removed. Using a wireless DIY door alarms is a great addition here.

Protect your WindowsAll WINDOWS should all have secure locks. Another security measure that is recommended is burglar-resistant glass treatments. An example of this would be installing a polyester security film. This needs to be used along with the glass break sensor on your alarm. For highly vulnerable windows (like rear windows), you can use heavy metal grates. For safety requirements, check with your Fire Marshall.

LIGHTS, both outside and inside need to provide optimum visibility, with the outside ones having vandal-proof covers over top of the power source and lights. Your perimeter needs to be well lit, and in particular around doors and other potential entrance points. Placing either a real surveillance camera or a dummy camera near the lighting can offer another level of deterrent security.

Protected by Alarm System LogoALARM SYSTEM should be installed either by an alarm company that has a central monitoring station. Or self-installed via one of the many Do it Yourself Home Protection options available. Either way, the alarm system should be checked every day in order to discourage break-ins advertise its presence.

The CASH REGISTER should be in plain view from the exterior part of the building so that it can be monitored easily and left open when not in use and empty. This is a great place to put up an HD Surveillance camera.

Your SAFE should be burglar resistant, fire proof and anchored securely and within plain sight. When it is empty, leave it open and use it for locking up your valuables whenever your business is closed. Whenever somebody with access to the combination leaves your employment you should change it.

Store Front Image - Protect your BusinessBUILDING EXTERIOR needs to be checked including the walls, cellar and roof. All openings should be secured.

MAINTAIN GOOD VISIBILITY do not allow equipment, vehicles, trash bins, boxes or landscaping close to the building where it may block access or conceal the roof.

PERIMETER FENCES should be adequate enough so that intruders are kept out, but allow good visibility at the same time of your business by the police and neighbors (i.e. use 1/8 coated chain mesh vinyl link or vertical iron bar fence).

KEY CONTROL needs to be done responsibly. It can be convenient to have a master key system with one key opening all of the locks, but it might not be the best thing for security purposes. Code all of the keys. When they are not in use, keep them locked, and don’t let your employees make duplicates or leave them lying about. Change your locks whenever you have any suspicions that the key might have been compromised.

ID NUMBERS need to be marked on all of the stickers and equipment. They should be displayed so that it is very evident to potential thieves. Your personal driver’s license number is the best number for you to use. Keeping records of all of the serial numbers on your equipment can help with recovering it.