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Knife for Self Defense Only Good if it Opens

Self Defense KnifeI am always on the lookout for the newest and best self defense folding knife. Mostly because one of my favorite tools is the pocket knife, heck to honest, I simple love bladed weapons. It is most likely the Escrimidor in me, but I digress. Back in March, I announced that we would be adding the World’s Fastest Opening Knife for Self Defense to our collection of small self defense weapons.

We then added it to our line up in April. I had pre-ordered a few of them to check them out and let me tell you I absolutely fell in love with it. It has a great grip and it really does open up faster than any knife I have every owned prior and it is very well balanced.

The crazy thing is, I showed it to a few friends of mine and before I knew it, I no longer had one. I had sold both my demo unit and the one I was keeping for myself. Now it is always good to make sales, I just never expected them to be so popular.

Folding Knife for Self DefenseI went ahead and ordered some more and wouldn’t you know it, I sold out of them again. It seems that once they are in the hands of another they don’t come back to me.. 🙂 The only bad thing was that I didn’t have one for myself again.

So, off to ordering some more. I hope this time I have enough to sell and still keep one for myself. If not, I will keep ordering more. You owe it to yourself to get your hands on one of these fast opening self defense folding knives.

We offer you a full Money back guarantee, so if you order your World’s Fastest Opening Knife for Self Defense and it does not live up to all I promise, send it back and we will refund your money, No Questions Asked!

P.S. I look forward to adding this to my self defense knife training and will be sharing some of that training in the coming months. Make sure to like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Join our Newsletter. In order to find out exactly when the new training material comes available.