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Utilizing a Small Stun Guns In Order To Safeguard Yourself From Peril

Don't Become A VictimVarious degrees of stun gun voltage produce varying results. you will discovered this fact the moment you begin looking for a non-lethal weapon that
is powerful enough to take an opponent down without producing any long term harm.

Attacks on innocent individuals is all over the news these days, which had many feeling worried and thus compelling them to acquire a handy self-defense product. Many will begin seeking stun weapons on the internet and often their searching brings them to our web site where we offer many different models of these type non lethal weapons.

It is important to note that it requires fewer shots in order to administer electricity to a target with a high voltage stun gun. The millions of volts being emitted can bring down even the most pain-tolerant opponent. Small stun guns on the other hand are lightweight and very portable no matter  what voltage. They could immobilize any target but those that are low voltage stun guns may need to be repeated several times more.

Cell Phone Stun Gun Front View Held in HandOne item in particular seems to catch the eye of many of our visitors and customer. This item is the disguised stun gun that appears like an ordinary cell phone handheld device which gives it the benefit of the element of surprise.

No opponent will ever suspect that they’ll be jolted by 12 million volts of electricity from a Cell Phone Stun Gun as it will seem like you are simply taking out a cell phone to call for help. It is built with a safety switch and also an illuminated red light which signals you when it is all set to unleash hell on your attacker.

Catching assailants off guard is far more effective in combating any serious harm which may fall upon any would-be victim. With this one can quickly escape danger and flag for assistance.

In coming to terms with the possibility of being attacked many have decided to arm themselves quickly using a small self defense weapon that has the power of punch to the gut. So soon after reviewing stun gun voltage many decide that the best one for them is one that can teach my opponent a hard lesson with just a single shot.