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College Student Fights Back with Pepper Spray and a Whistle! Could You!

College Girl Fights Back with Pepper SprayExactly how effective is pepper spray for self defense? Ask the college girl in the article below. She was able to fight back with her self defense spray.

Any time an attacker is defeated I am stoked. It is doubly exciting when it is a young girl off on her own at college. Now my desire is that no one will ever have to deal with such an attack, but in the real world there are people out to do harm to others.

It is your right and responsibility to defend yourself if needed. Carrying a pepper spray or some other type of personal self defense weapon can be just what the doctor ordered.

A female Grand Canyon University student was injured during a Tuesday night attack but was able to fight back with the help of pepper spray and a whistle, officials said Wednesday.

Officials said the attack happened adjacent to campus just after 8 p.m. The student, who was walking on 30th Drive and headed to a dormitory, noticed a man nearby speaking quietly. She later told campus police officers she believed he was trying to steal her backpack.

The student managed to spray the man with pepper spray when he ran at her, but she was struck several times by what was believed to be a knife, officials said. She sustained minor injuries to her stomach.

The attacker is described by Phoenix police as a Hispanic male in his early 20s. He is approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall and was wearing a dark T-shirt and blue jeans.

Police said the man ran off empty-handed and the student was able to blow a whistle to attract attention. She made her way to GCU security to report the attack. — More Here

Using Pepper Spray for Self DefenseNotice in the article above that the college girl was hurt, but having her pepper spray out and ready to use, she was able to defend herself and keep from a lot worse fate. If you are considering add pepper spray to your personal security needs than may we recommend Wildfire it is the hottest pepper spray on the market!