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Cheap Stun Guns Available For Sale

Save Money on Self Defense ProductsDo you want a cheap stun gun which is also powerful? Then, check out the Trigger stun gun with 18,000,000 volts. You can expect to love how this small stun gun is designed and you will definitely love precisely how easy it can be to use. Let’s bear in mind that it must be rechargeable.

This piece of equipment comes at the great price of $20. It isn’t that big. The truth is, it happens to be small, battery-operated and may be easily recharged. If you’re seeking a cheap small stun gun, than the trigger stun gun will it be.

You may ensure that the enemy is going to be brought down due to 4.8 milliamps of current it uses. There are actually re-charger prongs that are part of|these devices, which happens to be useful. Aside from that, nevertheless the battery charge will last for around 12 weeks, but this really is determined by usage.

These devices incorporates a disabling pin wrist strap. This really is a great safety feature. Together with the strap connected to your wrist, if the attacker knocked it away from your hand or takes it clear of you, then it will most definitely be useless. It really is a non lethal method of self-defense. This is basically the ideal replacement for a gun, and a lot of women want a| stun gun instead of a real firearm.

For a Limited Time, You can buy the Trigger Stun Gun at the even cheaper price of $17. Also, it includes life warranty. If you need a powerful and affordable stun gun, then grab this particular small stun device today. The unit can be purchased in:

Black Trigger Rechargeable Stun Guns View Wrist Strap

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Purple
  6. Blue 
  7. Zebra Print