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5 Tips Why Inert Pepper Spray Training Units Work!

Good Evening everyone, Just a short post tonight of a video I made on the 5 tips why inert pepper spray training units work. Watch this video and then below the video I have listed the inert training tips for these practice pepper spray!


Inert Training Spray Tips, Practicing Helps You…

  1. Be Familiar with How a Spray Feels in your Hand.
  2. Learn How to Unlock your Pepper Spray Unit Quickly!
  3. Understand the Best ways to Aim and Shoot your Defense Spray.
  4. Improve Accuracy and Understand Distance of the Spray.
  5. Be Better Prepared to Protect Yourself with the Self Defense Spray

Water based inert training sprays enable you to practice using your self defense device before the need to use it arises. We offer three different models of inert training spray units to choose from.

  1. The 2 Ounce Inert Fogger Pepper Spray Training Unit
  2. The 2 Ounce Inert Stream Pepper Spray Training Unit
  3. The 1/2 Ounce Stream Inert Spray Training Unit

Don’t forget to pick up our pepper spray training manual. I refer to this often when I am hosting a pepper spray training seminar. I really will help you learn how to bring bad guys to their knees with your defense sprays.

Train often to maximize your personal security and be prepared should you ever have to defend yourself!