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The past blog posts have focused on several different small self defense weapons and we investigated some of the defense concepts to help better understand there application. We wanted to get a little more personal in this post and give you some insight into my passion for increasing your personal security and safety. One of the Founders of Security Defense Weapons is Trent Warner and the website is the culmination of his lifelong endeavor.

His deepest passions are for the warrior lifestyle. This manifested in my exploration of the martial arts at a young age. I have always had a fascination with the unconventional and enjoy the eclectic way of thought. In an effort to avoid rehashing this background I have included some highlights from another website below..

Let me begin by formally introducing myself. My given name is Trent Warner, but many of my friends and associates call me kuma, which is actually a nickname.

Kuma is Japanese for Bear. This nickname was given to me by a very good friend of mine, Michael J. Ceballos. I was exploring and studying various forms of warrior training with him at the time.

I once asked Kaicho Ceballos why he chose this nickname for me. His response? My physical presence, gentle demeanor in rest, aggressive power in attack and my fascination with the bear…

…Since much of the warrior training presented in this website was honed and forged through hard training, intense research and trials of combat. The remaining information presented below is to give you insight into my Warrior Journey thus far..

..My warrior journey began at birth. I was born on a US Air Force base in Utah. So from the beginning of life, I have had a sense of honor and discipline.

My passion for the warrior journey really began to blossom in mid 1970’s and along the way I have come in contact with various warrior arts and martial fighting styles.

As a young boy I was an avid comic book reader, as were many young boys of this era, but I also enjoyed camping in the woods, tracking, hunting, scouting and fishing.

I can remember watching a martial arts demo, when I was around 7, at a local college with my Dad. I cannot be absolutely certain of the style, but I was impressed and wanted to learn how to do that!

But my parents struggled to keep our house hold together, so there was no money for this sort of extra activity. Destiny had me covered though. My parents would, from time to time, take in missionaries giving them a place to stay between assignments.

One such missionary was also a practitioner of the martial arts and during his stay he began to train me. I was hooked for life, my passion for warrior martial arts training was birthed.

Over the next years of my life I trained with several different warriors and in many different arts. This was due, in part, to the fact that we moved around. In order to pay for my warrior training, I would often do odd jobs. This not only helped to form my work and training ethic, it also help to birth my entrepreneurial spirit, starting me on the path of a business warrior…

..In summary, my warrior journey began at birth and continues on to this day. A few years back I wrote an article explaining my thoughts on ‘What it is to be a Warrior’. As my Warrior journey evolves so will the Martial Art Warrior Training Hall. Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Growing up we often moved around and always being the new kid in school wasn’t easy. It would often lend the bullies of the school to use you to make a point.

So, I quickly had to learn how to defend myself without drawing to much undo attention. Thus my street combat self defense training path began to take shape…

That gives you some insight into my background. Below is some information that will reveal where my desire for self defense and security really began to take shape.

In 1990’s, I experienced and trained in Goshin-Jitsu and was involved in the personal security industry. I draw much of my personal security and self defense training concepts from these experiences, in which I served;

Over the years I have had the opportunity to train several Women in Self Defense and personal protection. This is a subject that has been very close to my heart as such I have spent great amounts of time evaluating, examining and training with various self defense weapons.

Since many Female self defense students have either been attacked or feared attack, it has been very important for me to develop and evaluate programs that fit each woman’s personal situation…

…Over the years, I have developed a fascination with various weapon training arts and have come to enjoy it almost as much as my hand to hand combat training. As such, I have explored and investigated a host of martial arts weapon disciplines.

For many years Kuma struggled with other martial arts and self defense instructors on the importance of self defense and security products in helping everyday individuals protect themselves and their families. That is until he began to really understand the brutal side of humanity. When an attack becomes extremely dangerous the best way to escape is to gouge the eyes and attack the windpipe.

Most people just aren’t willing, nor prepared to go this far with their hands. But put something in there possession that will create distance and give time for escape and include some simple training and most people can defend themselves effectively. Please let us know what Self Defense Security topics you would like us to cover in the coming months and years. You can either us our contact form or comment below  — Stay safe and secure — SDW