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Self Defense Tips for Women

There are so many different self defense tips for women available across the internet. I came across the below article and self defense tips for women video. There are some very great tips and ideas. Many of these I have taught to women over the years. Make sure to watch the video and then scroll down. I will break down some of women self defense tips for you.

NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s important for women to always be on alert.

If a stranger grabbed you on the street, would you know how to fight back and get away?

Gabrielle Rubin, founder of Female Awareness, stopped by the PIX11 Morning News with knowledge and moves you need to know to defend yourself. Read more

Excellent self defense tips for women in the video. The first thing that is mentioned is that women should carry some sort of self defense tool or personal security device with them.

Below is the list of women’s self defense tools mentioned in the video. I have added a few of my own personal recommendations.

  1. Pepper Spray – In the video she mentioned two very important tips, one was to keep your self defense spray hidden and use it at a distance. Practicing with an inert practice spray will help you be prepared for an attack.
  2. Kubotan – She briefly mentions some of the vital strike points your can use the kubotan for. I personal love this self defense weapon, they can be stylish, inconspicuous and with proper training very effective.
  3. Personal Alarms – The video host mentioned using a personal alarm to startle your attacker, putting it to his ear and using it to draw attention. Some women do not want to carry a weapon. The personal alarm is a great alternative. Use them to create space and draw attention to your situation, all to help you get away fast.

In the above self defense tips for women video the go over a few situations and possible ways to get out of them. I particularly enjoyed the high heel defense. I have trained many women whom where these types of heels and even had one utilize this type of defense to escape for an attack. The heel broke, but the attacker’s foot did too!

Here is a list of the women’s safety tips the video offered:

  1. Don’t Walk While Taking on your phone
  2. Consolidate Bags you are Carrying
  3. Carry your Purse on your less dominant hand
  4. Keep your hand free at all times

Great advice, share these women self defense tips with all the women and girls in your life. Personal safety starts with education and awareness is achieved through self defense training.