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A Look at Concealable Self Defense Weapons

Woman Spraying Pepper Spray front viewThe first concealable weapon we will talk about today is the mace or pepper spray. This chemical spray renders a attacker unable to see and virtually helpless. The mixture consist of Phenacyl Chloride or “tear gas” dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents, then pressurized into a aerosol spray can. The original formula of CN has been mostly replaced by oleoresin capsicum. More commonly known as pepper spray. Now most forms of mace use both chemicals and formulate a triple action weapon.

There are more fatal choices such as a concealed dagger in a pen. Another product is the Munio Designer Key chain, This defense device makes a punch much more damaging. There is also a tactical pen to consider, here is the best tactical penĀ  and glass breaker tip, which delivers a nasty blow out of the end of it. The tactical flashlight with strobe is one of the most brutally underestimated products these days. It looks like an ordinary flashlight, but has the same aluminum as an aircraft. This is needles to say its one mean flashlight.

The cat safety keychain is an amazing new weapon as well. Its shape as a pink cat also doubles as a set of brass knuckles. The two ears atop the key chain make a nasty punch an easy way out of a attack. The “Kubotan keychain stick” is a highly durable metal night stick. this can deliver a powerful blow to any part of the body. Making a attack a bad idea for the owner of one of these.

The next key chain style of self protection product is the heart attack. It is a closely fitted hard and tough piece of plastic in the shape of a heart. Another wonderful choice is the folding credit card knife. The easy to hide and fatal product is a powerhouse. Once unfolded a blade comes out of that will render a attacker a victim.

Black Stun Gun Spikes Viewed in Hand Ready for ActionThe Last on the list of effective weapons for self defense is the taser or stun gun. coming in last on our list it defiantly is not least. Most of them look like a flashlight, or other small concealable devices.

  1. One is in the shape of a lipstick tube
  2. Another is in the shape of a cell phone

The ones with a setting for variable wattage is one of the most widely used. This one makes it much more serious if used on a person. Caution should be used wile handling and using. People with heart conditions can be killed by even a small shock so always exercise safety techniques.

Depending on the state you live in a concealed weapons permit may be gained. This special permit can be earned by paying a fee, as well as completing a class. The difference between the different size hand gun, or other fatal weapon is depicted by the states discretion. Some states propose that a permit is not needed as long as the weapon is kept hidden at all times. With higher damage ratings, more discretion should be used as well.

Woman Punching Man Self DefenseThe key to self defense is to never go and provoke violence. The use of a weapon should be a last choice and not used if not absolutely necessary. I believe one of the most beneficial weapons is a education of how to protect your self. One does not always need a object, or devise to use to take down an attacker.

Some teachings in martial arts will due for the more able bodied persons. I happen to be someone trained in the arts of fighting, and self defense techniques. This if properly used and appreciated can give you a sense of self security. Once you train your body and mind to be a very dangerous weapon you will gain a respect for the use of deadly force. therefor rendering it not necessary in most everyday situations. This type of arsenal is not limited to body size or gender. So keep in mind the implications of your actions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with protection or your self. The justice must be personalty fitted in my opinion. In other words the punishment must fit the crime. Weather you chose mace, stun gun, firearm, or a other self defense device, we can help obtain the right one for you.