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Hide your Possessions in Plain Site with the Use of a Hidden Book Safe

The use of a hidden book safe to hide important valuable items has been around for as long as books have been in print. It can certainly be considered an age old practice.

Locking Book Safe Opened ViewHollowing out a book and turning it into a safe has always been a great way to keep your valuables safe. Whether they were looking for a place to hide

  1. Money
  2. Jewelry
  3. Or even a bottle of liquor

What makes a secret book safe so great? Once you valuable items are placed in the book safe it is then placed on a shelf among regular books. They can even be put on a desk alongside a cup of pens and suspecting burglars wouldn’t even bother looking through them continuing to keep your valuables secure.

Now you can certainly create your own DIY hidden book safe, which is considered a diversion safe. Diversion Safes are available in all sorts of regular items found in your home.

Instead of going through the hassle of cutting up the inside of a good book you can purchase a ready made hidden book safe. Just like a real book with cut out pages the ready made model will allow you to view the pile of real pages when the book is closed you. It looks feels smells and weighs like a usual hardcover book since it is exactly that.

It is only when you open it up that you find the concealed chamber, at the center, sandwiched by full pages of text. You decided on the what needs protected and place your valuable inside for safe keeping.

To customize a book safe further more you can place a book jacket on the exterior. Choose a title that when people read through your library they won’t find it odd you have that book inside your collection.There is a lot you’re able to do and place in the center of hollowed out book safes.

These have shown to be useful hiding areas for a long time. It is fortunate for us that today several diversion safes come in book form already saving us the time and also the work of carving out a space inside a book.