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Using Pepper Foam to Protect Yourself When Working Late At Night

Is Using Pepper Foam to protect yourself a better choice of pepper spray? Let’s investigate..

Many students, seminar attendees and visitors to the website have expressed a concern about their loved ones and sometimes themselves having to commute from home to work late at night.

Women Pointing Multi Colored Pepper SprayWhether it be a single mom working the night shift on the weekend to make ends meet or a young woman working in a restaurant covering the evening shift. Or a college student taking night classes.

Often a would be attacker will be out at night making the dark parking lot of your work place a unsafest area at night, causing many to pondering that they might require something for self defense. But what is personal protection device is best?

You may already be quite set on getting a particular personal self defense weapon. such as pepper spray. Yet you are wondering if it is effect throughout an assault? Since your personal safety is at stake I want to be certain that what you obtain an effective device keeping you away out of harm’s’ way.

Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray Shown In HandAs we have discussed many times before pepper spray leaves an agonizing burning discomfort in the face of the recipient. This particular discomfort is going to incapacitate the target for several minutes providing the would-be victim a chance to get away.Mace 10% pepper foam is one step above a normal pepper spray in that it is proven to blind the attacker briefly and consists of UV dye which marks the target to make it easy for the police to recognize him.

Pepper spray foam covers an assailants face which makes it difficult for him to see. In the event the enemy tries to remove the foam away the pepper is crushed into his skin as well as eyes. Foam pepper spray also gives a good range at 8 to 10 feet.

Apart from the overall burning effect the hot 10% pepper spray has a higher pepper content, inflicting more pain. Resulting in obstructed breathing, choking, coughing and non stop tearing, which will help keep the attackers eyes closed.

Pepper Foam Sprayed in Face

Another great  feature about pepper spray is that they are non lethal weapons. This implies that their effects are short-term and wont cause the target permanent damage. While I am certain that pepper foam is a great personal self defense tool and that it is ideally utilized when you are up against an assailant?

Once you make your purchase do not simple rest on the promise of the pepper sprays effectiveness. Instead practice holding it, pulling it out and readying it. If you are serious about learning to defense yourself from an assault on your way home after work every night, then get a practice defense spray along with your Mace pepper spray gel and practice, practice, practice!.