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A Look at Pepper Spray Laws by State

Using Pepper Spray for Self DefenseThe following is a list of pepper spray laws by state, organized by country. In each state, the law sets forth specific requirements for carrying, storing, and using the weapon. The use of pepper spray is legal, as long as you comply with local ordinances. For example, in Washington, it is illegal to ship or transport any type of spray without a permit. Other states, such as Florida, do not require a license before buying or storing the device.

Most states allow pepper spray, but there are some restrictions, depending on the state. Some states prohibit the use of pepper spray in closed rooms or in the presence of other people. In Chicago, using a pepper spray in an enclosed space with more that 20 people inside the room when the spray was released, the victim or person spraying could be charged with a felony. However, pepper-spray is legal in other parts of the city and throughout Illinois.

Can you legally use pepper spray

Woman Spraying Man with Pepper Spray

Several states have different laws on pepper spray. In Massachusetts, it is only legal to purchase defense spray from a licensed dealer, and in New York, it’s illegal to purchase it from a private party. And in Louisiana, if the attack was carried by a gang member, a civilian could be legally killed. In Maine, the same holds true for OC products. Only police officers can carry them openly, and in Minnesota, anyone over the age of 18 can carry one if they are at home.

The possession, and shipping of pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but some have additional conditions or restrictions. Here, we list the different pepper spray laws by state. Our list is based on the most reliable information available. While most states allow carrying and using the device, you should always check with the local, state, and federal law to be sure it’s legal in your state. When and Where Can You Buy and Use Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray laws in Other States

Pepper spray is legal in Missouri and Kansas, which have no laws against its use and shipment. Only some states prohibit carrying the device on airplanes and require it to be in a small, portable container. Most states, however, do allow its use in public places. They also allow shipments to be sent to minors. There are no restrictions for importing pepper-spray. You can use pepper spray in Texas and other cities.

In California, carrying and purchasing pepper spray is legal, but it must be concealed. You can’t carry pepper-spray in certain buildings. In addition, you must be over 18 years old and not a felon. In other states, it’s not legal to carry it in public. For example, in Alaska, it is illegal to carry pepper spray in public buildings, and it must be hidden in a car or a purse. In Nevada, you can buy and carry the pepper-spray in a vehicle if you have the appropriate license.

For a more definitive list of pepper spray laws by state visit our Laws and Restriction page