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How to Pepper Spray Someone like a Pro

Learning how to pepper spray someone is key if you are going to choose to carry this form of non lethal self defense weapon. Having two daughters myself, that are now young adults, I have supplied them with their own pepper spray.

While it is an effective personal self defense option, it is equally important to understand how use the pepper spray you are carrying. You have to practice and be aware of the best ways to utilize this form of non lethal self defense.

The Following video has some excellent information on “How to pepper spray someone like a Pro”. In which they demonstrate how to best deploy your self defense spray if facing an attacker.

It’s one of the most common and available non lethal forms of self-defense. We’re talking about pepper spray, but if faced with an attacker would you be an effective user?

Tonight 13 News Now anchor Vanessa Coria shows us how to pepper spray like a pro. Thousands and thousands of women have it on their key chains even more carry it in their purses, but when under the pressure of a real attack would you know how to use pepper spray properly?

OC is the perfect weapon for the private citizen but what you have to understand, don’t stand and admire your work once you spray the subject make, you know, make space. Put as much space between you and the subject as you can.

Captain Wood is walking us through the proper use of the non-lethal spray for civilians.

Alright let’s go over the best practices, according to our experts, for your pepper spray use when it comes to personal protection. First of all, you wanna have it handy you don’t wanta have to fumble through your purse.

Second of all you wanna hold the can properly with your index finger on the trigger that way you have a really good grip and you can’t be disarmed.

Then when you spray your attacker here’s how it should go. You want to go from ear to ear and eyebrow down and afterwards don’t waste any time just make some space. —┬áCourtesy of

Excellent Points! Carrying self defense pepper spray is a great option for increasing your personal security, just make sure you take some time to practice proper holding, shooting and escaping.

Practice Self Defense sprays can be a great way to practice using your pepper spray without the fear of spraying it without cause. These sprays are inert in nature and can give you the practice you need.