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Women’s Self Defense is not an Artifice!

So, often people discount the benefits of a good self-defense program, but they can offer women and men alike the means to deal with and handle a hostile encounter. Read below for a good article on the subject.

Modern self-defense for women is effective not just in giving women tools to stop an assault once it has started but also in empowering women to set effective boundaries that will deter much of what women encounter daily that leads to the fear that the marketers of these gadgets depend on for their bottom line.

Where should investors put their money? In high-quality, evidence-based, empowering self-defense classes led by women. These classes are expensive to put on, but the results are astounding. — WP33

I would go a step further than this article and say that the only reason pepper spray or a stun gun fails is due to lack of training, practice, and understanding of the non-lethal weapon in questions. What are your thoughts?