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Teaching Kids Personal Safety is Priority Number One

Personal safety of our children is a high priority for most of us. I was tooling around the internet the other day and came across this article and decided to share it with all of you. Below is a bit of it…

Every time local law enforcement releases information that a high-risk predatory offender is moving into our community, questions surface about why that person may be able to be released and what the guidelines are for offenders.

Fergus Falls presently has 51 predatory offenders in the city limits. According to the Fergus Falls Police Department, this is a low number and has been trending downward. 

The law allows authorities to notify the public at large in the case of a Level 3 offender, however, only community groups such as schools and day cares are notified when Level 2 offenders move into the area. When Level 1 offenders move to town, only law enforcement is notified, along with victims and witnesses. – Read More

I have several grandchildren under the age of 7 and the safety of them is always on my mind. At security defense weapons we carry many different types of tools to help keep them safe and even help you keep them safe at home.