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What is the Zap Light?

Zap Light Stun Gun Flashlight Top View at angleThe Zap Light is a powerful stun gun and ultra-bright flashlight combo with a one-million-volt charge. It is great for hunting, camping, and parking lots. The unit has a long-life battery, can be fully charged in two hours, and includes a durable nylon carrying case and a USB wall charger. Whether you need a quick light or a serious weapon, the Zap Light is perfect for almost any situation.

The ZAP Light Stun Gun Flashlight delivers one million volts of electricity to an attacker, making it perfect for security personnel, police officers, and anyone else who is venturing out in the dark. It will intimidate a would-be attacker, while still acting as a flashlight. It comes with a protective nylon carrying case, a wall or car charger, and a guidebook. It also contains a self-defense mode, which you can use to practice your stuns.

Are ZAP Stun Guns Good?

The ZAP Light Stun Gun is a US patent stun gun, which is made with premium components. It is the smallest stun gun flashlight combination on the market and carries a two-year warranty. The US-patented ZAP Light Mini Stun Flashlight is manufactured with the highest quality standards. This unit is designed to be a powerful weapon that can deter an attacker without causing any damage. The device is made from durable plastic, which means it won’t break easily.

The Zap Light is a powerful, compact stun gun, a US patent less lethal shock weapon. The unit has an internal rechargeable battery, allowing it to be used year-round without having to worry about chemicals. Another bonus: it’s easy to clean and doesn’t cause any harmful effects to your family or pets. In addition, it’s safe for all rooms in your home and outdoors. You can even charge it via a USB smart charging system.

The dye gun is an excellent personal defense tool. The zap light has a 12 to 15-foot range, and it works on both mosquitoes and wasps. The zap light is extremely effective and makes it easy to protect yourself from pesky insects while you sleep. If you’re worried about a potential attacker, this gadget is a great option for you. It’s an effective way to mark an attacker for positive identification.

Who makes Zap Stun Guns?

Personal Security Products, Inc. makes and distributes ZAP™ light and other ZAP™ stun guns. They were established in 1992 by founders President Billy Pennington, Vice President Eric Baker and they are centrally headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Security Defense Weapons is a proud distributor of many of the ZAP™ products.

PS Products, Inc. specialize exclusively in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of non-lethal personal protection products, gun concealment items, gun cleaning kits, and more. They provide only the very best quality and service to thousands of satisfied customers in the U.S. and abroad. 

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