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Discover the Mace Brand Stun Light Voltage and Specifications

Mace Brand Stun Light Voltage Lady Holding with LED Light Facing FrontAmong the many types of stun guns available, the Mace Brand stun light is a very popular choice among police officers. It features 2.4 Million volts and delivers a shock of up to 2.96 microcoulombs and features a flashlight with high-output LED. This model also comes with an on/off safety switch and a multi-mode LED. Its design is ergonomically designed to give it an easy grip and an integrated charging plug.

The shock that is delivered by a Mace brand stun gun is extremely painful and can cause minor muscle contractions. The electric shock will last for about one to two seconds and causes pain and spasms. The device can be used on an attacker for up to three to five seconds, and it is best to only use it once you are safe. However, if you cannot get away from the situation without using the stun gun, it is best to keep it in its OFF position.

Mace Brand Stun Light 2.4 Million VoltsThe Mace Brand stun light’s powerful LED feature is activated by depressing the flashlight button once. Toggling between ON and OFF will activate the flashlight. The Mace Brand flashlight stun gun comes with three different modes to choose from. The first mode is to distract an assailant by dazzling them for two to five seconds. This can cause minor muscle contractions and loss of balance. It is best to use the stun gun once you have managed to escape safely.

The Mace brand stun light is easy to use, and it is equipped with Snatch Prevention Technology to shock an assailant who tries to take it. The mace brand stun gun also features a 120Db Loud Siren Alarm, which will scare away the attacker and prevent them from trying to steal it. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The stun gun is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord.

To avoid injuries, it is important to maintain the stun light’s voltage at a constant level. This way, you can recharge it as often as necessary. The stun light is easy to store in cool, dry places and away from heat, fire, and strong sunlight. Its internal rechargeable battery allows for recharging the device for about two hours. It should be stored in a safe location.

The Mace brand stun light is available in a wide range of colors, and the device can be clipped to a belt or purse. It is highly portable and can be carried around in a small purse or pocket. It comes with a battery that recharges automatically. This stun gun can be easily charged by an electrical outlet. Another advantage of the Mace brand stun gun is that it has a built-in holster to keep it safe.

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