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Keeping your Family Protected From Bears Using a Bear Spray Repellent

Bear Spray Repellent can stop an Attacking BearI enjoy camping with my kids, we all enjoy the outdoors. And as much as I know many share my excitement and exhilaration for the great outdoors. I know many people are very concerned about their personal security when facing the dangers of the forest, especially bears that can appear all of a sudden.

I was discussing camping with a friend of mine when this very dilemma came up in our conversation. He knew I sold bear repellent spray in my arsenal and was wondering if it might help. He confessed to me that he had been shopping around on the internet for one, but wanted my opinion first.

I explained to him that Bear pepper sprays are very effective personal self defense devices specifically designed to ward off as well as incapacitate bears for a short period of time. When the bear gets a dose of the mist this will offer a small window of opportunity for the users to flee and call for help.

Using Bear Spray Repellent Protects Human and Bear AlikeConsidering that all defense sprays are non-lethal the bears will neither pass away nor undergo irreversible injury making them able to come back to their own group. Moreover research has shown that utilizing bear sprays against these mammals will condition them to become cautious from human beings.

I told him one of the best ones on the market was the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear spray repellent and that it is an EPA-approved bear spray confirmed to be effective against all types of bears. He also liked the fact that it is environmentally safe since it doesn’t include any kind of flammable or harmful substances.

The mist which it releases can easily reach from 15 to 20 feet away keeping the bear at a secure range.. The size of the cylinder is quite small and it can be fastened along the straps of the backpack or through a belt loop by its holster.

After a long discussion and slight debating, he came to realize that bear pepper spray is indeed a helpful device for the people who wish to explore the great outdoors.

Having a bear repellent spray with your camping gear is definitely an advantage. But also it is essential to remember that a persons capability to think clearly throughout a distressing situation is the greatest tool to acquire.