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Ensure Your Safety When Camping In The Forests by Carrying Bear Pepper Spray

Bear Spray 101

Mace Bear Repellent Spray Front ViewWith the weather turning warmer many people will be heading to the outdoors. Unfortunately, bears are more active now too. They are emerge ring from hibernation and looking to being thier run on fattening up. Carrying bear pepper spray with you is one of the best defenses against attack.

Last year a friend of mine went camping with her fiance. He is a very outdoors-man type of person. He and his friends go Whenever possible and at a minimum of once a month he schedules a hiking adventure with his buddies and/or colleagues. After my friend returned from going camping with him, she began to worried for his safety from wild animal assaults. She new I used and sold animal repellents and asked me what I recommended. I showed her our Guard Alaska Bear Spray.

Guard Alaska Pepper Spray Side ViewThe Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray formula has been scientifically proven and it is endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation.

It’s 9 Ounce super sized container has an effective range of 15-20 feet. It has saved the lives of many who trek into the wilderness. The national forests is the natural habitat of bears and hikers that go in are urged to carry bear pepper spray with them.

I assured her if he keeps a bear spray handy whenever camping or hiking it will lower the chances of a bear assaults. It will also help the bears as they will not be needlessly slain in an act of self defense.

Bear Footprints Self Defense SprayWhen a bear repellents is sprayed on the bear they are forced to go away rather than striking out at the person in self preservation. As self-defense weapon bear sprays will cause a momentary incapacitating effect, thus causing no environmental law to be disobeyed. The bear can rejoin its tasks once the repellents effects have worn off.

I did explain to her that bear pepper spray should not be used on a person. She was a bit worried about this considering her fiance and his his buddies can become a little rowdy at times. Can’t we all.. It would not be wise to do this as it is not approved for use on humans.

She purchased the bear repellent spray for her fiance and was comforted that the spray could help keep a safe enough distance in between any bears and her soon to be partner. It can be utilized just once since the container empties at about 5.4 seconds.

Bear Repellents for self defense from BearsHer buddies and his friends ended up buying several more sprays to have as a reserve. I just hope that a bear attack never occurs to any of them, but if it does then at least I am confident that the training and instruction I gave them will keep them safe in the end.

After all it can’t help if you are not alert and don’t use common sense to make sure it is always on your side and in the bear spray holster..