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Uncover The High Voltage Trigger Stun Gun Black

Black 18,000,000 volt Trigger Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight Viewed in Hand with Wrist Strap

An introduction to personal safety is one of the most discussed topics in this time and age. And rightfully so, because the statistics on crime prevalence rates are anything but inspiring. In the quest to ensure personal safety, people resort to all manner of tricks; from hiring bodyguards to signing up for self-defense classes. While each of these comes with its own perks, nothing beats the power and efficiency of non-lethal weapons.

And speaking of non-lethal weapons, the Black Trigger Stun Gun is one weapon that has been a major trend-setter in the personal defense sector. So, what is it about this weapon that gives it an edge over others of a similar caliber? Read on to find out.

Why The High Voltage Trigger Stun Gun Black

As has already been mentioned, the Black Trigger Stun Gun is a non-lethal weapon. This means it is relatively easier to acquire and own than its lethal counterparts. You will not be subjected to endless processes of paperwork filling before you can own the gun because the law is less stringent on the acquisition and ownership of non-lethal weapons. And once you have deployed it, you will not have to host forensic personnel because the gun does not have any lethal potent. It is only meant to immobilize your assailant as opposed to kill or maim them.

Secondly, the high voltage stun gun features a quick-pull trigger that ensures you can quickly gain control of the situation against the wishes of your attacker. The rubberized coating is designed to offer the much-needed tight grip. The last thing you want is a gun that slips out of control in the face of a threat.

The stun gun comes in predominantly black color and we all know what this means. The color blends well with darkness so when it comes to the element of surprise, you will always be way ahead of your attacker.

You will also find the super-bright 100-lumen flashlight that the gun gives to be quite resourceful. The light is able to blind your attacker in an instant and they won’t see it coming. The light can also be used for regular illumination needs around your home.

And now to the most important part – the electrical current that the gun gives. The 4.8 milli-amps of electrical-current will ensure even the fiercest of assailants is easily brought under control. The current will make them disoriented and totally immobile, enabling you to find an escape route or giving you time to call security on them. Even batter, once charged, the nickel-cadmium battery will serve you for a period of up to 3 months. There is also a built-in re-charger to ensure you never need any other charger.

Where To Buy

When looking for a high-quality Black Trigger Stun Gun manufactured by an industry leader and at a fairly competitive price, look no further than us. We offer all manner of non-lethal weapons for all your safety needs. Whether you are a caring father who’s mindful of his daughter’s safety or a bodyguard looking for a safe way to protect your boss, you can always count on our non-lethal self defense weapons. We care so much about your security, and so should you. Give us a call today to place your order or order using our safe and secure website. For more information feel free to use our contact form and be connected to a security professional.