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My Everyday Carry Survival Gear List

What everyday carry survival gear should you carry? I don’t always have my bug out bag with me, nor am I always able to carry everything I wish I could. But on my day to day life, you can almost always find me with my wallet, keys and cell phone.

On my keys you will find a few very useful tools like a kubotan and a  Self Defense Keychain tool. Of course there are some keys on there too. My cell phone is on my person and loaded with some great survival apps that I have downloaded to the device.

You will rarely find much cash in my wallet, I do have a few credit cards, which can be used for other things than purchases, should the need arise. You will also always find my favorite tool in there, the survival business card. Get Yours Today on Sale Today for $4.95

I will, as often as I can, carry a locking pocket knife in my pocket. They are extremely handy, but my line of work often restricts me from carrying a pocket knife of any sort with me. That is why I love the Survival Business card so much!¬†Below is a video of what the survival business card offers…


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