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Keep Protected with a Hidden Stun Gun

The tale below is one that is becoming all to common in many of cities around the country. It very much drives one the point that personal safety is your responsibility.

When Sheryl first moved into her condominium they had recently been constructed and many shoppes lined with streets. Now, some five years later, many of the stores have folded and many of the residents have left sending her building and neighborhood into a state of disarray.

It is now often unsafe to walk the streets or even to step out of her home without some form of self defense weapon, such as; a taser, stun gun or even a hand gun. Even though things had digressed so badly, Sheryl still decided to acquire a non-lethal stun weapon over a firearm.

She read online about how stun guns work and discovered that direct contact with one of these stunning unit will cause a sudden release of electricity throughout the body that can cause temporary paralysis, along with confusion. Anyone who is hit loses his capacity to move his muscles and ultimately goes down.

And since the effects of these less than lethal weapons won’t cause permanent injury, they will generally fade in 20 to 30 minutes, she was able to not have the worry she may have had with a hand gun. Besides she realized that this time out for an attacker would afford her a window of opportunity to flee the scene and secure assistance.

When Sheryl first began researching stun guns, she realized that voltage is one quantifiable gauge of stun power. A high voltage stun guns will send out a powerful electrical shock on demand and this lead her to the understanding that it could take less hits and fewer seconds to take an bad guy down.

She was most interested in disguised stun guns due to the fact that they don’t appear like a weapon. She reasoned that this may afford her the element of surprise, thus catching the would be thug off guard. Putting him down before he realizes that she wasn’t all that helpless. These stun guns in disguise become her little silent partners.

After much searching and researching she finally decided upon the Hot Shot hidden stun gun. This small stun gun will sit misleadingly on your hip resembling an electronic handheld gadget, keeping it right under the radar of any would be predator. That is right up until it unloads it’s 4.5 million volts and takes them down.

Do as Sheryl and avoid a major mistake by purchasing your own powerful hidden stun gun and keep yourself safe in a rough area. Sheryl keeps hers right close on the detachable stainless steel belt clip that came free along with her Hot Shot Stun Gun, now you can too!