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Tips for Increasing Personal Protection While Traveling

personal protection in the streetsSecuring a device to enhance your personal protection when traveling is always a wise choice. There are, of course, a large selection of personal protection and personal security options for increasing your safety.

A personal protection weapon like a personal protection spray, used to spray in an attacker’s face, or a personal protection stun gun or even a Taser are an obvious choice.

But, if you chose to buy one of these personal protection products for your travel safety, then you should first consider the following:

  1. “Self defense weapons like pepper spray or a stunning device may have restrictions in the area you are traveling. So, it is best to check prior to carrying such a device for protecting your person”
  2. “While these options do offer a level of non lethal personal protection, you must understand that their very nature is to inflict pain. Don’t use these personal security weapons without due cause.”

Black Lipstick Personal Safety Alarm Viewed in handA personal alarm can be a very easy and acceptable way to protect yourself, drawing in the attention of others, via a pull string or a button to push sounding an extremely distinct and piercing noise. Prior to making your journey ensure your batteries are fresh and functioning. Carry some additional batteries for your personal protection alarm. You don’t want to have a need to activate the personal security alarm and find out the batteries are dead.

Black Tactical Pen Viewed in HandAnother great option to carry with you is a tactical pen. Often these go unnoticed at security checkpoints and they offer you the benefits of a kubotan without the bulk. Just ensure you have practiced and receive training with a personal protection tactical pen prior to having to use one.

The last suggestion I have for this post is to keep a door stop alarm security system with you in your bag. I do not travel without one of these. They help to secure your hotel or bedroom door, alerting you if anyone come in uninvited.