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Choosing The Right Personal Protection and Self Defense Tool For You

Personal Security Products for YouSecurity and personal protection are subjects that concern everybody — women children and men. Ladies particularly need to show concern for their personal welfare. This is a good reason why self-defense should be taken seriously. After all, women are the target of attacks much more frequently than men. Ask any policeman and he will tell you that that has been true for a long time.

It’s little wonder that personal protection self defense products that can actually help you defend yourself have proven very valuable. Personal protection and personal security should be important to every individual. There are several non-lethal ways you can defend yourself so that you do not have to resort to using a handgun — which can result in death.

You will find in the marketplace hundreds of self defense products. So how can you find the best value when searching for ways to protect yourself? Let’s talk for a few moments about two of your options.

Lil Guy 12 Million Volt Small Animal Print Stun Gun Viewed in Persons HandStun guns are able to literally disable an attacker for as much as 5 to 10 minutes. The problem is they must applied to an assailant for up to five seconds before they work effectively. Because most users are women, this oftentimes proves to be a problem. Certainly stun guns are very effective but they also cost more and are more difficult to use than pepper sprays.

Now it is true that price should not be the determining factor when it comes to defending yourself. However, as a practical matter people normally gravitate toward something that is more affordable for their budget. That is one reason why pepper sprays are much more widely sold.

Among the most popular and effective products used for self-defense are pepper sprays. These sprays also prove to be the largest selling product and are used by more people for self defense than any other..

Women Pointing Multi Colored Pepper SprayPepper sprays are effective. The only true drawback to using them is they do not work as well outdoors when there are rainy or windy conditions. They are legal in almost every state in the United States.

Authorities like to see citizens using effective, non-lethal tools to defend themselves. These two are both highly endorsed and very effective. Isn’t it time you give some consideration to your self defense? If so, why not consider one of these two very effective tools?