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Simple Personal Safety Tips to help you confront Danger

These fourteen simple personal safety tips, while basic can help you in your quest for personal security and avoidance of a bad situation. They may also give you ideas on what things you need to research. Learning and gaining knowledge are some the best defense for safety.

  1. Always listen to what your instincts tell you. Should a situation feel wrong, then it is most likely wrong
  2. Take note of your surroundings and Always stay aware
  3. When walking on the sidewalk, face traffic and stay close to the curb
  4. Keep bags and purses near or against your person
  5. Confidence is always a deterrent, Keep a confident appearance
  6. Keep other informed of when you will be back and where you plan to go
  7. Should you suspect you’re being followed, move towards a crowded area
  8. One sign of a possible mugging is when strangers are milling close to you
  9. Man running in fearWhen confronted with a crisis, what is your normal reaction? Will you freeze up, cry or scream? Knowing how you react when defending yourself is vital to survival
  10. When in a crisis of danger there is not a correct or incorrect approach
  11. Fear is what an attacker is looking for, a furious angered reaction is more likely to stop the attack. Most perpetrators want the easiest victim. Screaming or Yelling are the best ways to deter an attacker. FIRE is far better to yell then HELP! It cause others to divert their attention to your situation. Mostly because a fire threatens their safety. Once you have their attention they are more likely help in some way
  12. Use your outside voice as your Mom use to call it, yell loudly. If others aren’t right by you, then yell loud enough so their attention is drawn to the attacker and what they are trying to do
  13. If alone, at home or on the street, call out the name of someone you know, This could cause the assailant to think you are not alone and could stop the attack
  14. Should you be face with a weapon, try to remain calm and look for the right time to react. Even though a weapons does change an already extreme and difficult situation to a much more dangerous one, find an opportunity to react. You can always do something about any situationMan kicking in door

Overview of these 14 Basic Personal Safety Tips

If you are not trained nor prepared for aggression to a non-aggressive approach to the situation. This could stop physical violence. If it is in your nature negotiate attempt to stall. This may offer a diversion and distract your assailant, giving you time to retreat. Attempt to be verbally assertive by screaming. Carrying an electronic whistle or personal alarm may aid you in the distraction and could draw attention to you, possible even help!

If you get a gut feeling that this is going to go very badly, fight back with everything you’ve got. This is where a self defense spray, stun gun or even a firearm could save your life. But only if you are prepared to use them and you have practiced with them.