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Pepper spray saves bears from guns

Learn How Pepper spray saves bears from guns..

Bear Footprints Self Defense SprayI have been posting a lot about Bear Repellents lately, but for good reason. The weather is getting warmer, bears are coming out of hibernation and those whom love the outdoors are starting to plan for summer outings. Bear attacks on a human usually end up with the bear being killed.

These days there are other options available to keeping bears at bay. Bear Repellent Sprays are a must have item to keep with you when hiking, camping or hitting the trails in bear country. Below is a article I came across about “Pepper spray saves bears from guns”. This wasn’t true just some 30 years ago, when bears were shot on the shop.

Some 30 years ago biologist-turned- college professor Charles Jonkel, Vietnam veteran Bill Pounds and a young researcher named Carrie Hunt never thought of themselves as being “technology disruptors.”

All they knew was that the primary status quo method used by humans to resolve grizzly encounters was resulting in a lot of dead bears. They were dying at rates that were quickly pushing them to the brink of elimination in the Lower 48.

Apart from instructing people how to react to charging bears by coiling submissively into the fetal position, hiking in larger groups, keeping clean camps and making noise on the trail, federal and state officials involved with grizzly recovery watched the bruin death toll continue to mount.
The only hope grizzlies had of persisting, Jonkel said, was finding an alternative to bullets as a mainstay for human self-defense.

A lot has been written about Jonkel since his passing this spring, notably the Canadian-American’s ferocity for championing grizzly and polar bear conservation and his founding of both the International Wildlife Film Festival and Great Bear Foundation. But his involvement in pioneering the development of bear spray ranks as perhaps his most enduring contribution to the cause of human-grizzly coexistence.

“Bear spray has revolutionized the way we travel in bear country, the way we think about grizzlies, and the way we’ve been able to debunk negative mythology surrounding them,” says Chuck Bartlebaugh, a bear spray crusader whose files brim with testimonials of how the bullet-disrupting technology has saved the lives of many people and bears.

“The only problem is that although bear spray is highly effective in thwarting bear attacks, it still isn’t being carried by enough people,” Bartlebaugh says. “And among those who do carry it, many aren’t knowledgeable about how to deploy it from a can.” — Read More Here

The next time you go into the woods or hiking on a mountain, make sure you have your Mace® Bear Spray or Guard Alaska® Bear Spray with you. Keep both you and the bears safe. You are in there environment. They are both a great addition to your survival gear pack as well.