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How Bear Spray Works

The pepper sprays that would be used to stop an attacker isn’t that different from Bear pepper spray. They both use the same type of ingredients, but bear spray is designed to travel farther and effect a larger area.

When choosing to carry something to pepper spray bear, you should pick one that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You should also pick a bear spray that offers you the variations you’re looking for.

Here are things to consider before you decide to buy some bear pepper spray to ease your fears. They are as follows:

  1. How long will a spray of bear repellent last. Generally there should be 4 to 9 sec in a canister.
  2. How close do you want to be from the bear? Distance of the a bear spray ranges from 18 to 40 feet or 5.4-12 meters.
  3. This last one is least important, especially if you choose to buy a bear pepper spray holster to wear. But do consider the weight.

Considering weight when out hiking can make the difference of if it is in your hand and not put away! Here is a bear pepper spray video..