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Carry Bear Spray When Hiking

Carrying Bear Spray Video Transcripts

(A news) When a 150-pound bear attack..(ABC News) Official strapped a grizzly and cubs.. Captive or wild the power and unpredictability a Bears has made news all summer

(Ohio News) Ohio officials say a bear has… Most recently when a captive bear in Ohio kill the caretaker. We’re gonna miss him a lot. He was a really great guy…(News Footage)

Back in June alone hiker outside Yellowstone National Park was mauled and killed.. (ABC News) One man is dead another woman recovering in the hospital..

And in July also near Yellowstone a bear attacks three sleeping campers and killed one of them.

(Interview) I felt the entire tent fly two or three feet 

(Interview) You gotta play dead a year you are dead and so I did..

Usually when a bear kills a human the bear is put down because authorities don’t want to loose bears with a taste for human flesh.

Hi, everyone I’m Jack Hanna.. ..Even the famed animal conservator Jack Hanna was back to all and used pepper spray to ward off a bear cub in Glacier National Park. He recently made his public service announcement..

“Glacier National Park officials encourage all campers and hikers to carry bear pepper spray..”